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  • Quote from Fox-Company: “There are so many ways to defeat them. Artillery, Heavy Tanks, Rockets, RRG's, Attack Bombers, Commandos, TD's, Cruisers, Battleships, if on coast, etc. ” true, i should reword my question. Will it be fine to use big stacks of infantry / mechanized infantry? I thought in urban tanks have a disadvantage. Though looking at the stats it seems this was a thing of the past?

  • I lost quite the few mechanised infantry trying to take a Heavy tank and Tank destroyer in a capital .. Another city i managed to take a heavy tank stank with a lot of infantry, but hp was lowered a bit too much. What's the best tactic? P.S Are heavy tanks good? I've heard it's expensive / slow but it's really good at defense. Perhaps i should get it late late game to join some stacks.

  • Oh wow i thought airfields would be 20 at max thank you that saves me a lotta resources and time. A very nice helpful table too!

  • I noticed that air factories can be upgraded to level 5 i believe, which is way better than airfields which max at lvl 3. But how important is refuelling? I was thinking of creating a chain of air bases to get planes across my continent size country fast. But now i think its not that important, not as important as having troops already on standby in several key points. I have a lot of resources to burn so i don't really mind building lvl 5 air factories but i'm sure it would be a waste.

  • Hi everyone! I'm a long time player but still bad at this. I randomly decided to join a FFA version of the world at war map as an ally west african nation and 2 weeks later i'm at the top of the leaderboard with a good amount of luck. I'll bullet point what i'm struggling on. - What units do i produce? Should i research first or produce first then upgrade later? - What should i put in a stack? - How should i defend far away non cores in like south africa? A big navy? Planes? Both? I think both! …

  • XQbxv3g Not sure why the image isn't uploading ... Anyways im playing in the FFA version of the world at war map ( a big mistake because who knows when this game will finish ) I've expanded across africa and made a good ally, but how can i defend my territory? Big navy? Planes? Both? I'm thinking both. And then a few stacks in the non cores (around 40 in each sub division of africa (around 5)) and then focus on expansion.

  • I've played since 2016 i'm glad i did, becuase CoW peaked around 2020/2021. The moment they announced V1.5 was when it went downhill. Who remembers the days when infrastructure AND industry boosted production? Without all those annoying extra buildings like tank plants and foundries. Oh and doctrines ... They need to bring back V1.0. The graphics, the interface everything! I wish they did. About the gold, it's always been an issue. From the get go. I'm glad i got to experience CoW back then but …

  • AI popularity

    Flabbawoki - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from GeneralASWalter: “Popularity with Elite AI whole detailed guide written for anyone looking for a detailed anwser. ” Idk that seems outdated. CoW has changed a lot since then.

  • hi is this a joke? i have not received a repIy here aIso? nearIy a month or more now!

  • Checked again no sign.

  • Hi there, " Hello Flabbawoki, Thank you for your message. Is there another email we can try to add to this account? Should you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, PrinceofHonor Call of War | Senior Game Operator Bytro Labs GmbH Zirkusweg 2 20359 Hamburg Germany Amtsgericht Hamburg, HRB 118884" [/quote]Was the Last email i got from you. I replied to it several times to no avail. this was from 15/11/2020 15:12 I've scoured my email for …

  • Anyone?

  • I've had this issue for a week now. i cleared my safari history so the cache files got deleted - therefore had to re-login everywhere including this game. But i could not, and considering i had my password saved i was confused. tried to reset my account, and didn't get an email response. Weird. i have reset my password a couple of times before and i have not touched my settings since starting this game. So i contact through [email protected] , spoke to tobais who was understandably confused …

  • The older versions of COW had better texture / lighting/ colour. I know it seems minor, but it does affect gameplay when you have to stare at the map. Idk it just doesn't feel nice on the eyes.

  • Hi there, So a mod has told me Version 1.5 is replacing Version 1.0... i'm less than happy and i hope a significant number of you guys are too. Version 1 is simpler, more user friendly - there's only a few amount of buildings etc to construct, but a good variety of warfare so all the more time for strategy using them. Also, call of war is a long, multi-day / multi-week type of game. It's meant to be something you incorporate into your life a little. Version 1.5 may be good, but removing Version …

  • Also for nuclear bombs there should be a bigger yellow flame / icon perhaps? Would fit the nuclear bomb newsflash

  • This might be super niche, but i like to screenshot fun games from the newspaper and keep it in a little folder so i can look back at it in the future I would love it if it could be toggled on and off becuase, as you know, it overlaps the map so i can't see how my territory progresses over the days.

  • have you seen the gigantic map one on call of war? they made a lot of kingdoms etc in south asia.

  • And mark nuke bombings with a unique one? Like a bigger yellow flame? I'd like it to be a filter, because being me, i like to take pictures of my games at specific periods of time, and the fire markers ruin it because it obstructs the view of the map. it would be cool also if there is a way to create an automated timeline of the progression of the game which you can download onto your computer (the newspaper map version)