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  • Is there any chance the new pres. will clean up the forum. So much is related to CoW 1.0, 1.5, that I find annoying and of little use. Maybe if the forum were updated with newer material easy for newbies to find more people would participate in the forum.

  • Europe War!

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    Good luck hope you keep informed.

  • Man it sucks to get into a WaW game and find out some alliance has come in also. Then there’s some suck up brown nose who instead of fighting turns vassal. I’ve had some good games against them but have always come the losing end. My record speaks for itself-I’ve lost more than I’ve won. I thought I/we had them in my last game-but they just had better communication and coordination. My coalition just couldn’t get together all at the same time. Oh well. NEXT

  • Interesting

    Delmarva pirate - - General Discussions


    Time it right and get paid twice, found this out by mistake but do think I’ll incorporate into future games. capture a city (get the loot) just before day change, move off the center. If the city revolts move your unit back and get paid again. It also demonstrates how increases occurring at day change work out. Ex: when I took the city the first time I got 1898 in goods and money. Two minutes later I get 1998 in goods and money. Will definitely incorporate into my tactical moves.

  • So I’ve playing as new ZeeLand a bit recently and have found the expansion penalty to be rough. In hindsight I probably should have left all those little islands alone until later; I sure could use the morale boost. My advice(and I’m only a casual player so…) research rockets youll need to take out some airfields as air seems to be very popular in this area. And don’t jump at those islands right away save a couple to help with morale-production

  • Sometimes you just have to accept that on occasion someone is going to buy the win. It happens. Quit the game and let him toy around with the ai.

  • You forgot the paranoid. Doesn’t trust anybody. So then like my name says- they turn sneaky little rat finks- backstabbers Shares map with you so he rat you out to your opponents. Flys a false flag‍☠️‍☠️‍☠️ and cuts your throat. A real nice guy all around!

  • Ok so when I’ve got a large area to cover. Spread around some low level units. Different mixes, doesn’t matter. If possible yeah hide them in appropriate terrain. But the thing is to have your power held in the rear. Once you know his location and make up the rest is easy, just don’t panic and start throwing units at him Wiljy nilly. Imo the best defense is counter attack. Let him come until you’ve got numbers then strick.

  • Since both groups seem to “share “ the same dot I would think any attack would be an attack on both. Therefore they should have combined A/D hits

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “. That's just not good enough for a single-purpose unit; they should WRECK subs just like subs currently WRECK other surface ships. ” sorry K. Imo subs don’t do a whole lot of wrecking. The fact that Bytro has them as melee units ie imo not correct. They should be ranged units. As it is now you can stack up you transports without escorts. You’ll need a stack of subs to it on. I was a big big fan of subs for a while but when I started losing star subs to 20+ size convoy…

  • Been suggested a hundred or more times, won’t happen. Read past posts!

  • Thanks K. Thinking back yep that explains it. He did have an ac go by now that I recall.

  • You’ll find out when someone builds a 10 stack and starts destroying your economy. There range makes it harder to take out there airbase, and higher hp -relative- makes a large stack a serious pain to deal with. Essentially if they get to <=L3.

  • Can anybody tell me what this is about? seems to me if you give someone a chance to revolt-screw up the whole thing, someone will.

  • Yeah you can takes some thought, experience also.

  • Am I wrong? So I’m in a game and I I have two L2 militia in hill terrain. How is it that an L1 tactical can see me and bomb me. This seems so wrong in so many ways. 1) any L1 unit (ac,int.) should not be able two see a L2 militia in hill territory. 2) a tactical bomber ( no matter the level) should not be able to see a militia in hill territory. Am I wrong?

  • I agree it’s not a game given to tactics. More about building strategic army’s with resource management thrown in. Still I like it.

  • I’ve played this part of the map often. If you start to expand the penalty becomes vast. Learned that leaving those islands until later when you can use the 10% morale boost. Imo islands are fun played right at worst you should be able to survive to the end. Or you’ll get time to build and choose your time.

  • I think it should go a little bit farther; there should be buffs for any bidirectional or more attack( flanking your enemy is warfare 101). But then a defensive front should also get a buff for digging in. Sooooo I guess it kind of balances out. I know,I know forts and bunks- not the same as a shoveled out hole. So no they don’t count.

  • Interesting info, appreciated. Did not know the frigates. That would explain the A/D aspect of a large stack. I get that a frigate has d value, but a sub in my opinion should be a ranged unit.