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  • Quote from Carking the 6th: “Glory to the Soviet Armed Forces! Glory to the Soviet Union! Glory to the Workers! Glory to the People! Glory to the Communist Dream! ” This is what happens when a group of extremists lives inside their own protected bubble so long they forgot they are extremists and start assuming anyone not exactly like them is some other form.

  • My experience was within 24 hours of joining a group of bot accounts posted on my wall and those accounts make up about half the posts. It was only after blocking them that it stopped repeating. Its possible they arent bots but then that would mean over half the forum activity is just from the same half dozen communist LARPers. Take your pick, either way its a clear sign theres not going to be much of substance here and it was allowed to go into disrepair. Cant stress enough how wrong it is to a…

  • The forum is more or less a little discord group treating it as a second server with some form of brigading and wall spam, or bots possibly, and then maybe a half dozen regulars. Not much to get excited about here especially when again most of it is discord server level circle jerking. There is little subsance in terms of newer posts.

  • Quote from stardragon225: “Quote from Scipio Manbini: “What the law says and what you can be persecuted for are entirely different. Rest assured generations of Germans have been well and thoroughly trained in self hatred and know to give lots of extra leeway. Interesting how critical the restriction of casual discussion between the peasantry is to maintain the Free World, almost ubiquitous. Anyways beating up on the fascist NWO that secured total victory in WW2 and has full run of the world with…

  • Easily 90+% of all modern internet moderation is done by extremely insular and nepotistic groups of "neurodivergent" individuals. It was a meme a decade ago but turns out that wasnt just a hyperbolic stereotype cooked up by the boogeyman of the NWO, like so many other things in recent decades the initial parody ends up looking almost apologetic when compared to the eventual reality. Theres a semi-iconic picture you can search for, "Reddit mod meetup" or "Twitter mod meetup" that is very real and…

  • You're Not Alone - PSA

    Scipio Manbini - - Off Topic


    The only entity to exist on the planet that was more untrustworthy than the Soviet Union is the United States/UK and their colony, I dont think there was a suicide. But the massive cascading series of lies and multi generational brainwashing surrounding WW2 is already well known and understood to those worth the time at this point in my life.

  • New map to use

    Scipio Manbini - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Sorry, focus of the next year or two of updates are commissioning smirking goofballs for the mobile shop. Maybe we can get doctrine themes since they have more pictures than Patton and Eisenhower ripoffs now.

  • 23 years of GS gaming, no coring mechanic was about as close to a shock as I can get from any game these days. I dont see a need for it but like anything else, theres a place for it if done well. Not going to happen, but if it did just make it simple:you hold a province at or above X morale for Y days. Immediate side effect is to further benefit rushers which are the absolute #1-10 issue with all strategy games not counting E-Sports.

  • That is a uniquely terrible suggestion. The best option is to not add complication when someone is struggling with basics like not breaking fundamental game mechanics with mobile shop updates to a 9 year old game.(Maybe use that time making doctrine themes instead? Hire me.)

  • The fundamental issue is one that almost all modern FTPs and the modern internet share: any individual on Earth with a mobile phone or PC can use it for free. Im sure I have that 90s vs 2010s internet demographics chart here somehow. My first Grand Strategy was Europa Universalis in 2001. I never played a FTP unless you count Darkest Hour. The players were a night and day difference from CoWs playerbase. Its an elephant in the room thing that needs no explanation, and a proper one wouldnt be all…

  • I have also encountered this bug recently, same as the recent naval bombardment bug both appeared more or less the same week.

  • Id like to report as well. I am a heavy naval user and very active in terms of number of log ins, but cant always see the exact moment of firing. I have been having lots of "wth" moments with my naval bombardment. Now that I am aware it is an issue I will try to replicate it with some easy cleanup nations in a couple games and report back. There is 100% an issue with naval bombardment targets, just havent gathered specific data yet.

  • Any island really but especially Phillipines. My Uncle was an F18 pilot among other things and had a patch from a unit that was a smirking Kraken reaching out to touch a bunch of islands or coasts(been 30 years) that or similar is pretty common in many militaries, that patch is exactly how I feel playing down there. Oceania players are playthings, not my first choice but all the Pan Asian is jammed in one area, so be it.

  • Mainland America desperately needs to be broken up with different bodies of water, same as Africa. There is no way I am starting in the rectangle mosh pit so I choose Texas,Florida or Cuba. Playing as Central America now and that seems to be a decent spot as well, you can see Colombia coming and do whatever you think is necessary with South Mexico and Mexico city.

  • German Homefront

    Scipio Manbini - - Questions and Answers


    Unfortunate but predictable that the forum is bogged down with off topic virtue signalers derailing threads. The thread is supposed to be a discussion of a German Homefront map, not 10+ pages of 3 individuals loudly exclaiming "I'm not racist!" multiple times every single page. It is irrelevant whether you are or not because it is irrelevant to the game, and the place for such tiresome repetitive ongoing displays is in your discord channel or favorite subreddit where you can be appropriately rew…

  • I'm often rated quite high due to my leveled cruiser flleets. Fortunately I find ways to make them punch even harder than their military strength suggests. Most matches I probably have over 60% of my strength tied up in cruisers alone.

  • Best countries to start with?

    Scipio Manbini - - Manual


    South and Central Africa are very popular for meta alliance scrubs who join public WaWs. Oceania and to a lesser extent Borneo/Sumatra/Phillipines are almost universally lethargic unskilled players. North America is almost universally energetic unskilled players with the occasional meta alliance scrubs. Europe is home to the absolute bottom of the barrel of players with the occasional very skilled/crutching player starting there to take advantage. Xinjiang is a gold abusing teenager in about 2/3…