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    That would be an open door for cheaters, account sitting and multi accounts. Very bad idea!

  • Production icon flashing

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    It's because you have less than one thousand of that resource.

  • Quote from Rohitkabeths: “Everyone forgot that ukraine starts with a medium tank and it is in axis doctrine if you are a aggressive player you can start with Ukraine. If I'm wrong reply me I love call of war ” You start with a medium tank because you were a new player. New players get a Medium Tank and extra resources in their first game. Ukraine has borders with Romania, Poland, Communist Russia, Russian Empire and Caucasus. Not to mention Turkey that can easily invade. Also Ukraine does only h…

  • Quote from conflictofnations: “Quote from scuffed: “Quote from BMfox: “The setback of artillery is that it's slow and very week in melee battle. So you have a fair chance in catching and killing them. They are also very vounerable against air attack. I think that's enough weaknesses. It's not because most players don't use artillery or use them in a wrong manner that players whom did the effort to master artillery mechanics should be punished. That's like the other world around. ” "The setback o…

  • Quote from Zaktty: “3 (maybe) Concentration camps ” Are you for real???

  • Combat Experience

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    This post is two years old, I'll close it.

  • more than 3,5y

  • Quote from z00mz00m: “Quote from BMfox: “How do you think that you would dig this in? It would cancel all what a mobile unit is about. Infantry build trenches but motorized or mechanized infantry is a shock troop used in the offensive. ” Read one of Clancy's early classics Red Storm Rising, for a detailed description of how armored units utilize defensive positions to defeat armored assault formations. In brief, they dig in, so only the gun and the top of the turret peek out. They create interlo…

  • Quote from teleported: “I've run into so many people that are such good allies and just genuinely really nice, but a lot of them are in alliances already and so I can't invite them and will very likely never see them again. The friending system should allow you to go to your friends list and open a chat with them or invite them to games. ” There is already a friend system and it's called Discord. Why invent something new when it is already there? Call of War ain't Facebook after all.

  • Quote from z00mz00m: “In a realistic simulation, every land unit would be stronger at defense than attack. Defenders know the terrain, they are hidden, and dug in. Attackers are at a disadvantage and need numerical superiority and/or surprise on their side (like starting a war without warning). Else the defender wins in an even fight. This is true for armored, mechanized, and foot soldiers alike. ” How do you think that you would dig this in? It would cancel all what a mobile unit is about. Infa…

  • *NEW*NEW *Starting Alliance!

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    I have deleted our Spanish translation as this forum is English only. You could post the Spanish part on the Spanish forum.

  • Planes can't protect a province so you will take the province, the airbase will be destroyed and the plane will turn into a convoy truck. A convoy truck is classed as light armoured units.

  • In Beta Client you can both change the flag of your country and of your doctrine.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Quote from BMfox: “I've got the project to rewrite the best 1.0 guides on the forum for the 1.5 version. You could give me your wish list and I'll do what I can. If anyone wants to help me let me know. ” I am willing to help, which of the classic guides have not been rewritten yet? ” I've switched to YouTube as it is much more efficient.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Quote from Claudio NVKP: “Same can be written with tanks and others easily. Anyone can if they read the units ” Quote from BMfox: “cool, that's one guide less I have to write ” I'm up to do it for tanks and ordnance. If BMfox is ok with me doing it, then you'll definitely be seeing two more guides this week ;). ” Go ahead

  • The Open Bar Chatroom

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    Yeah Discord opened next door and the interiour is much more modern there. BMfox even has his own room in that bar.

  • Quote from _Pyth0n_: “Quote from 6thDragon: “Great guide! However, I feel compelled to add that the 3-minute return fire delay has been fixed. You can no longer shoot and scoot, or at least not without the possibility of return fire. ” So is it therefore impossible to use this tactic? I'm scared to test it out in-game without knowing for sure... ” Indeed the shoot and scoot tactic is for the history books.

  • Lost access to my account

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    If your account wasn't linked to an email address then I'm afraid it won't be possible to recover it.

  • You shouldn't disembark in a city. Many players leave a unit in their city, especially their capitol and they would spot you right on. You needed to leave your battleships an cruisers as a protection to give cover. Having interceptors and tactical bombers patrolling your disembarkation site is also recommended. Check this video: Call of War | How to invade from sea - YouTube…1946155cd9ac45d7358b9936b

  • Lost access to my account

    BMfox - - Bug Reports and Issues