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  • Not in the 100 world map.

  • Dear Call of War Team. I would first of all, wish you all a happy New Year I would also like to thank you for putting Wawa, Ontario on the map. That is the "Bomb" Now as for a request, is there any chance of putting the Rock of Gibraltar on the map? I was surprised to find it not there because it is not only one of the last parts of the British Empire, but a super strong outpost. I will thank you for your time reading my post and also accept your decision on this matter. Many thanks Lord Chelmsf…

  • OK, I WOULD LIKE TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU FOR PUTTING WAWA, ONTARIO ON THE MAP YAY. But also can we make the map where we can (like in real life) build and sail ship from the great lakes to the sea.

  • War ships

    Lord Chelmsford - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Hi all, Problem with war ships not going where directed. Click on ship and ask it to go say to the med and it now only goes where it was first asked. you try to reroute it and the line keeps on jumping back to the first order?

  • I have wanted this too. Go and see how long the British have been naming warships? I think it a great Idea. I would like to add, if I could, How about having to build troops and tank carriers ships. Better than just turning in a ship and sail?

  • But why can't we name all our ships and subs? That would be easier to know where they are