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  • This issue should be fixed for all players and all games at this point.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Afaik, speed is always recalculated for the unit actually taking the dot. ” The speed is recalculated when conditions change, on the Server side. The arrival time displayed on your device does not automatically update. Whenever a province is captured or upgrade is made you will need to get an updated arrival / travel time from the server if you want complete accuracy there. Either redoing the move / attack order or turning on and immediately turning off Forced March wi…

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    The short answer here is: When loading the page on mobile you need to use the “login” button. If you are not logged in and press the “play” button you create a new account. Since there isn’t a logout option for the mobile app you will need to delete the app and reinstall, then make sure to “login” to your account first. If you aren’t using the app and are using the mobile browser instead you will need to clear the cookies pertaining to Call of War from your browser in order to be able to log in …

  • Thank you for the appreciation. Quote from Svven78: “Vorlon to the rescue! ” I can’t take all the credit. I have a great team of people that all put in an enormous amount of effort to deal with the hundreds of bug reports and general questions each day.

  • iPhone Account Login

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    so you say you have been playing using your iPhone already, but you are not logged in to your Account? Is that correct? If yes, then I think you have created a new account on your phone, and you are trying to change the name on that account to match yours in the account menu in the lower right corner. This won’t work because the name you are entering already exists. You will need to get back to the beginning page and use the “login” button instead of the “play” button, as the play button will cr…

  • Airfields

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    This was a part of the recent balancing changes. There was a discussion about the slight damage causing an airbase to be unusable while this was still in beta testing, so it wasn’t an an unknown side effect to the game designers. Swen is correct that for insurance you will need to at least partially build to airbase level 2 in a combat zone. You can of course cancel the construction partway through in order to get a refund of the unused portion of the resources.

  • Bug in Game 2,776,526

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Try this: Close all game windows Clear browser cache for all time Close and restart the browser That should take care of the discrepancy between the server and your client Browser. If it does not please submit a bug report from the lower right corner of your game explaining the issue and we can reset it from our end.

  • Quote from LoI10522: “When are they going to add me there? I have got a few questions that are important for me and I need to get the answers today. ” You were added 3 hours ago. You might need to refresh this forum page in order to get it to show up. Check the conversations tab at the top of the page.

  • Game Admin

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    Quote from WhitePowder5678: “"Tap the flag over diplomacy" Does this work for mobile?... or do you have to be on a computer? im in a game with 22 and all except 4 are inactive and im not getting any admin button PLEASE help ” No this feature is not available on mobile. If your game is older than 10 days other players will not be able to join due to the join limits.

  • Sounds like the Turkmen unit was defending a Turkmen province? So Perm killed that unit and claimed control of the province, is that correct? If so, then once Perm controlled the province the Persian units were trespassing, and as they didn’t have permission to be there it was considered an act of war, and the newspaper reported it as such.

  • The court, or council of Leaders is designed to ensure that the moderator acted properly and with proper evidence. The court does not have the authority to suspend or change the rules at any point. When a player wishes to appeal a moderator decision a player can appeal to the council of leaders for that particular game. For example there may be cases where evidence can be presented by the player that the moderator did not follow the rules, or acted improperly, or interpreted evidence improperly.…

  • Likely you gained those provinces due to rebellion and then lost them. You don’t get any notification of gaining provinces by rebellion, but it is listed in the newspaper at the start of each day

  • Purchasing Gold

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Some gift cards will work and some will not as far as I know. A generic visa gift card “should” work to the best of my knowledge. If you are having issues with payments please submit a bug report from the lower right corner of your game and select “payment issue” or “purchased item not received” whichever it is.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Sadly this issue is quite complex and is not something that can be resolved quickly. It will take quite some time to identify the issue and fix it. ”

  • Quote from LoI10522: “When do we start? ” I have started the map a few minutes ago. Please look for the forum conversation that will show your team's assigned location, the map ID, and the password.

  • This is a known issue and is being worked on by the developers currently.

  • I am sure that if you look now you will find that you have one blueprint for motorized infantry in your inventory. This glitch in the notification happens sometimes when the notification gets published before the server has a chance to count how many of this blueprint you already have, so it says 0 of 6, when it should have said 1 of 6.

  • I have posted the team assignments to the forum conversation. The game will be created within the hour and the game ID and password will be posted there at that time. Unfortunately without a team from Russian bears we are short one team currently. We could allow a late entry if a team wishes to sign up.

  • For those that were not ready for July 1, I have created a countdown to the start of the August 1 match of The Team League. You have 30 days to prepare, Don't be late:…t+Map+Start&font=sanserif

  • Quote from Alydar: “if a player is in a heated battle with another player or two, does he receive a penalty for not attack the neighbor AI? ” No, the penalties are designed for active players only. We could care less about what you do with AI. The goal is to encourage fierce and cunning battles.