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  • Quote from Zazmio: “Carriers are too strong by themselves. Their strength should be the planes they carry, and weak by themselves. They have 75 hp, which is absurd, the same as a Battleship. A level one carrier has 10 naval strength when attacked, which means they hit as strong as a cruiser when attacked. They have 5 anti-sub strength when attacked, which is better than a destroyer. I'm guessing it would take around 8 subs to sink a carrier all by itself. I'm surprised no one else has brought th…

  • US vs UK, Which is better?

    lordeldon - - Off Topic


    Militarily, US

  • Quote from Sir McSquiggles: “Tell us more about your alliance. Why do you want people to join this alliance? What players are you looking for? what are some requirements if any? ” we are looking for any kind of players . good or bad it don't matter