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  • Paratroopers are like Schrodinger's cat - only when you open the box can you tell if they are planes or infantry and until then they exist as both (or neither)

  • I guess my point is that it could be structured so that game balance is not broken (by judicious attention to how much it costs to convert units (in terms of time and resources) and where they can be converted) and would add an interesting element to the game

  • The whole point about converting is that you can take some units you made early in the game when that was all you could build and convert them to something more useful in later game stages. So the resource cost might be greater but the food cost for maintaining older units of less use would be reduced plus the conversion time to create a new "useful" unit would be shorter. So there is some upside

  • But you would only be allowed to convert the unit at a province with the buildings required to make a new unit of the same type as the one you are converting to. So there would be all sorts of safeguards to avoid such abuse.

  • It would certainly have to be well thought out and make sure that this path is always more expensive in total resources than building a unit from scratch. The advantage of such an upgrade path is reduced training time (as your original unit troops will have had the minimal training to become a combat unit in the first place and the reduction in total unit load in terms of food consumption, etc)

  • I would agree that disbanding units would be a cool idea Even cooler would be the ability to upgrade units to a different type - take an Infantry division and change it to a Medium tank (recover some personnel and input some Steel and Oil, cook for some hours and hey presto, newly minted unit appears). Could be a whole set of unit upgrade paths to entertain us. AT -> TD, AA -> SPAA, Arty -> SP Arty, etc etc

  • Got a few para's now and going to invade Crete from Derna. Throwing in 3xPara lvl-2 against 1xInf lvl-2 to see what happens. I have yet to use them in a serious offensive situation but I think having a reserve of a few para units will be quite handy in main games as a very mobile reserve to throw into a surprise defensive battle or if an opportunity opens up in range of the main front line (jumping on an ill-defended enemy airbase with refueling planes would be great fun). I would like to see pa…

  • My main issue with the WebGL graphics is not the borders or clouds (both of which I quite like) but the fact that in 100 player games once I get to 500 or so units, some units are not shown on the map at all and I have to guess where they are so I have switched back to the old graphics for now

  • Thanks mate - of course I had an old conversation with him so I could continue that chat and have resolved the issue. The problem for other players of course is that they could go to war with him and be unable to return to peace if they did not have an existing conversation. It would be nice for all active players to stay in Diplomacy even if they have no provinces left

  • I cannot offer him peace or trade anything with him and there is no way to talk to him via the Diplomatic system as his country no longer exists. For sure I could go kill his units at sea if I was really worried

  • I was thinking that it would be really neat to be able to rebuild units explicitly rather than have them rest in a high morale province and take many game days to recover. You should be able to place a unit in a city with appropriate buildings and be able to say rebuild this unit please much in the same way as you can repair a damaged building. That way you can expend a proportion of the resources needed to build a new unit but rebuild an old one. The amount of resources should be less as the co…

  • I have an issue in a game where I had mutual Share maps with a human player. Now that human player no longer has any provinces left but still has a substantial force wandering about the ocean. The issue is twofold 1. I cannot modify my relationship with that country as they no longer exist in the Diplomacy screen because they have no provinces left. This means that he can still see all my forces and could potentially be giving my enemies full disclosure of my forces using screen shots in some 3r…