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  • Tutorial games are designed to introduce players to the game. When a new player creates an account they are placed in a tutorial map with some additional units including a medium tank. A province is taken from them by an AI such as Saudi Arabia or French West Africa, and the new players are walked through the process of recapturing that province, and some other game features. This is the normal operation of the game and is not a bug or a problem that needs to be fixed. Smoothness in diplomacy me…

  • Joining a coalition

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    Maybe I am picky, but I won’t accept people that simply apply to a coalition and don’t at least say hello, same with people randomly sending share map trades. For me letting people join my coalition means that I trust them and will come to their aid if they are attacked, expecting the same in return. Being able to find the “apply” button isn’t enough to earn a place in my coalition, so a notification of new applications doesn’t matter much to me.

  • Fire at will!

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    For me so far this has caused one war, and that was on a coalition member of the player I was invading. A standard practice of mine is to grant right of way to all ai players. This will prevent your units from opening fire upon them because you have given them permission to be on your lands or within your sight. I have made sure that the AI is granted Right of Way before venturing in their direction. I suppose it is possible that they would open fire on me if I venture too close, but I haven’t s…

  • Rebellious Provinces also look for a strong and happy country to join. They are seeking a country that will provide for their needs and defend them in case of war.

  • There are a dozen different languages that are supported by Call of War. Each of these supported languages has their own server and their own server support team. The maps and all game pages are translated into that language. Once a game is started in one particular language it cannot be changed to another language. The game chat should be connected to the language server of the game you are participating in, So you will have to join a game in that language in order to chat in that language. ( A…

  • This is the result of a rebellion. Each day at day change provinces with low morale have a chance to revolt and join another country. This will be listed in the newspaper, but it does not list in the events, as that could cause hundreds of notifications in some later games.…ions-and-province-morale/

  • Bad luck...

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    Manpower is always very short in the 10, and for France especially. Sort your province list by manpower and you will find there are a couple of non-city provinces that also produce decent manpower and may be worth building barracks on if you have food to spare.

  • The historical 25 player world map is NOT designed to be fair, balanced, or easy. It is a challenging map with scarce resources and forces players to plan ahead much more than other maps.

  • Is it possible that the frontline game you are in is unranked? Or the ranking period has ended? What’s the game number?

  • They should. Anyone else seeing this issue in Beta games?

  • Individual player League

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    If there is sufficient interest a single player event will be organized by the EN server support team.

  • This is a known issue with the current editions of the 22 and tutorial mode 22 player maps. Crimea is not listed in diplomacy. when you zoom out after it is conquered it will display "Empty" as will Austria I believe. The flag of Crimea is actually the Hungarian flag. These are all issues that will be fixed with the next map update. An update for these maps is not currently scheduled as far as I know with the map department working on event maps and such currently.

  • This issue should be fixed for all players and all games at this point.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Afaik, speed is always recalculated for the unit actually taking the dot. ” The speed is recalculated when conditions change, on the Server side. The arrival time displayed on your device does not automatically update. Whenever a province is captured or upgrade is made you will need to get an updated arrival / travel time from the server if you want complete accuracy there. Either redoing the move / attack order or turning on and immediately turning off Forced March wi…

  • ...

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    The short answer here is: When loading the page on mobile you need to use the “login” button. If you are not logged in and press the “play” button you create a new account. Since there isn’t a logout option for the mobile app you will need to delete the app and reinstall, then make sure to “login” to your account first. If you aren’t using the app and are using the mobile browser instead you will need to clear the cookies pertaining to Call of War from your browser in order to be able to log in …

  • Thank you for the appreciation. Quote from Svven78: “Vorlon to the rescue! ” I can’t take all the credit. I have a great team of people that all put in an enormous amount of effort to deal with the hundreds of bug reports and general questions each day.

  • iPhone Account Login

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    so you say you have been playing using your iPhone already, but you are not logged in to your Account? Is that correct? If yes, then I think you have created a new account on your phone, and you are trying to change the name on that account to match yours in the account menu in the lower right corner. This won’t work because the name you are entering already exists. You will need to get back to the beginning page and use the “login” button instead of the “play” button, as the play button will cr…

  • Airfields

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    This was a part of the recent balancing changes. There was a discussion about the slight damage causing an airbase to be unusable while this was still in beta testing, so it wasn’t an an unknown side effect to the game designers. Swen is correct that for insurance you will need to at least partially build to airbase level 2 in a combat zone. You can of course cancel the construction partway through in order to get a refund of the unused portion of the resources.

  • Bug in Game 2,776,526

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    Try this: Close all game windows Clear browser cache for all time Close and restart the browser That should take care of the discrepancy between the server and your client Browser. If it does not please submit a bug report from the lower right corner of your game explaining the issue and we can reset it from our end.

  • Quote from LoI10522: “When are they going to add me there? I have got a few questions that are important for me and I need to get the answers today. ” You were added 3 hours ago. You might need to refresh this forum page in order to get it to show up. Check the conversations tab at the top of the page.