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  • Quote from Dixie: “All you can do is get your team to wipe him out. Frustrating situation. Dishonorable. ” Can't do that in a team game. You can't change your relations with team members. It is always share map

  • I am in a team game. Everything was going ok till one of our team members told us he is allied with another team. The effect of this is that the other team now has an unfair advantage over us. Not only can he relay our troop movements, but he is no help to our cause. I am aware that on any team game, someone could have their friend register on the other team and do this same thing. But there should be a way to remove players who commit treason, perhaps by votes of the other team members? I reall…

  • Here's my entry:…45fd59eaffe6db2b20ef2b59f

  • When i am in an intense battle with many units involved, it would help me to keep track of units that are important for me to watch. Would it be possible for me to right click on a unit and that would make a circle be drawn around the unit? A grren circle for allies and a red circle for enemies. If i right clicked on that unit again, it would make the circle go away. Thanking you in advance

  • Quote from wildL SPQR: “I remember now @Hamilton Jefferson We actually don't discuss bans here, but I will say this: You used gold multiple times, not just once or twice. You failed to read the first and most important rule of the league, rules that have been posted in the sign up sheet and in the game newspaper as well. However, as an act of leniency we will short down your ban so that you will only be banned for the September Round and not the whole season. OK? ” Thanks. Yes, I speed built 3 s…

  • Quote from wildL SPQR: “Quote from Hamilton Jefferson: “I want to play if you will unban me. I really didn't mean to use that gold. I apologize. ” were you the one from miechs game? That wrote in the paper? ” No, i didn't write in the paper. I was on server 3 in August. They banned me on August 13th. I was playing Greater Finland.

  • Quote from Diabolical: “Quote from Hamilton Jefferson: “I want to play if you will unban me. I really didn't mean to use that gold. I apologize. ” I think you only get banned for one match. ” In the message they sent me, they said I was banned for the rest of the season. I want top play in September, if possible. It really is harsh since I made a simple mistake. I was playing on 4 servers, so when i switched to the players league, it was just natural to hit the gold.

  • I want to play if you will unban me. I really didn't mean to use that gold. I apologize.

  • I am rank 42. I am active and use skype. Looking for team mates . send me invite or PM me with questions.

  • I am level 42, english speaker, and am very active. I have won 1 server so far. I can take direction and play as part of a team. I tried playing in the players league and was enjoying it immensly untilone day i forgot about the gold prohibition and got myself banned from the PL for the rest of the year. I am interested in playing with other active players but have been disappointed with the people i meet in the regular games. They won't use skype, they won't discuss strategy, they do strange and…

  • Please remove me from server 3 I wasn't thinking and used gold to hurry production. sorry

  • Please sign me up for the august game. User is: Hamilton Jefferson