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  • I would be curious about this too. I run two systems and currently both systems show this symptom - an old desktop running Windows XP with Google Chrome and a Laptop with Windows 7 and Google Chrome. Games were running fine. Now I get the "Aw Snap" page when I launch any game on either box. I have gone thru the Chrome troubleshooting - check firewalls and virus software, check extensions, create new profile. Occasionally I get a game up for about 5 minutes, then it occurs again. Closing browsers…

  • Thanks for the reply Der Grose Diktator If this is a 'known' issue/bug/problem, it would have been nice for the moderators/developers/higher beings to at least post a reply acknowledging it as a known problem/issue/bug and throw a link to a list of known/reported issues. Yes, i'm totally new, but I would have though having an infantry screen in front would protect artillery. Any ways, is there a list of known bugs which I should treat as features? BTW, this feature has cost me 5 (and nearly 7) a…

  • and bollocks ... pardon the language.... but it has happened again. I do not expect an enemy army to by-pass an infantry army to attack the artillery I have bombarding from "behind the lines" as suggested in the help file. What point in having them in a fire support role if the enemy can just by-pass the blocking or intercepting army? Now the fourth time occuring in the first game I have played. EDIT: and again.

  • New to game, but the scenario below has happened 3 times in this first game. Artillery unit behind an land army. Artillery unit fires on target army. The target army either splits, or moves completely, and moves through the land army to attack the artillery unit. I have now lost 3 x artillery units to land based attacks even though I have kept them out of the frontline. Can it be confirmed that units should be able to move through other land units? My simple brain says they shouldn't be able to.

  • yep. happens again. I will go and raise a bug post i think.

  • Yep. Has happened again. In this case, the defending army split before I arrived to attack. I'm wondering if the problem can be reproduced by: 1. Moving artillery into range for attack. 2. Artillery starts firing on target 3. Standing army still moving to target 4. Target splits and half move to attack the artillery. 5. The units then sail past each other like ships in the night. (perhaps)

  • Got the warning for server reboot for maintenance. When attempting to log back in 5 minutes later - error "" Initially one game was playing up = 1106255 Approx 5 minutes later game 1110582 showing same issue. No units visible and map does not display 'village' icon at province centre.

  • Ok. Thanks for the reply. To add some detail - we were already at war. It occurred in what was my province. We 'met' at the border and inflicted some losses on him. My artillery was stationary and already bombarding from a location between the province 'centre (town)' and the province edge. His units after killing my artillery and AA pushed on to take the province. My other land units then chased and caught him in the province (town) centre.

  • New to game, but couldn't see this anywhere else, so.... Had stack of land units (tanks & inf - 10 units in all ) versus another stack (initially 11, AC plus inf plus militia). I also had an artillery piece with AA gun back from the fight for bombarding. Check back an hour or so later, and the enemy land army has moved through my land army and was attacking my artillery group. The enemy army had taken losses (down to 8 units) and my land army still numbered 10. Eventually my artillery unit was d…