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  • Quote from EZ Dolittle: “Has anyone actually used this function ” Yes, so that inactive players can not come back suddenly and unexpectedly. Quote from EZ Dolittle: “1. can you selectively eliminate a player 2. can you selectively replace a player in a specific country. ” 1. : No 2. : No

  • Definitely there is a bug in the system .. .. here both research slots were started at the same…cbb94162fc58c0b175520b6bd

  • rush for europe

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  • Quote from hakijaa: “Forced march is broken .. ” Then it fits now to the rest of the game .. .. normally the Forced March automatically stops at 20% (or was it at 10% ??, I'm not really sure at the moment ) .. .. but of course also there it may be a bug since the latest chaotic updates -- the whole Game seems to be pretty confused since then.

  • According to my experience it has always been the case that Forced March was paused and thus also the Counter if units march is interrupted as for example when embarking or disembarking or engaged in combat.

  • Quote from No Sticky Keys: “.. Is this just bad luck? ” Yes - even without Counter Spies, there are small chances of snatching enemy spies, counter spies only increase chances, but it remains random.

  • The egg .. -- no, the chicken .. -- no wait .. maybe better .. -- yeah, Fried Chicken and Eggnog

  • trade embargo

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  • .. was introduced with one of the last updates, so far without function .. .. but who knows, probable it's the preparing for another large-scale future .. maybe already the next big game-revolutionizing and -shattering surprise-update is secretly sneaking in .. ??

  • Sbde importance?

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    I understand nothin -- but yeah, absolutely correct, splitting is much better

  • Quote from rimbaude: “I may be wrong but Egypt, as I see, has 4 metal provinces. ” 4 on the 22-tutorial map, 1 on the 22-normal map

  • Quote from MarcoPolo58: “Question on diplomacy. .. ” PS: By the way, you can read this and other features of the game in the manual ..……cbb94162fc58c0b175520b6bd

  • Coalitions

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    Post war and in love

  • AI does not conduct expansion wars but defensive wars and does not conduct any direct trade, so it has to compensate for its increasing demand for resources (for construction / units..) during the game by selling surpluses and buying missing res -- whereas players can also conquer new provinces and thus resources .. .. so should, for example, one or more players try to monopolize the trade through permanent highest bids, the AI can outbid this (at the important resources which are necessary for …

  • Paratrooper Reload

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    Quote from Hans A. Pils: “ Yet previous speakers are right if they say no intelligent player ever builds them with the purpose of winning. ” .. intelligent players have even before release always known that, in this game, paras cant be worth and are not necessary for win .. .. 're just a gimmick

  • Quote from Kanaris: “Using mobile version at the moment and from what I see the stats for motorized infantry are not increasing from level to level making research kind of pointless. For instance vs air defence stats are 2.3 at lvl1 2.2 at lvl2 2.3 at lvl3 etc... Not sure if this is a mobile thing I will check later on when I have access to a laptop. But this was not the case pre research update the stats used to increase as you researched advanced levels... ” Same is in the PC version as well .…

  • Quote from Kanaris: “Can you elaborate on the reason not sure I understand ” The AI in this game is very stupid and simple, even Elite-AI .. .. and because the AI is not able to think, she needs an advantage to be reasonably competitive .. .. also, for example, the AI knows everytime, even without espionage, where the enemy has which troops ..

  • Players can set up to 60 for Rare Materials, but only up to 30 for all other resources. AI can set everything up to 60. Reason is (was), that players cannot "run down" AI's economic via market ..

  • Quote from atreas1: “.. It is simply the way the game works .. ” Right, that's what I tried to convey to everett -- thanks for your confirmation

  • Your favorite cookie recipe

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