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  • Registration for the Alliance World Cup is still open, see that post in the community events section of he forum for details.

  • Bombing runs morale

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    Any bombardment will reduce the morale of the province. This includes planes, rockets, artillery, and naval bombardment.

  • Quote from dr strange: “game 2803912 Not sure it is fixed. Ground units can now be given movement orders across the sea; will wait to see if they move. Ground units at sea retain their ground icons and although they can be given movement orders too the icons have remained fixed in position even though it's been over 3 hours since move orders were given. ” if you could reply to that earlier bug report that I worked on I can take a further look at this.

  • DaGecko has listed the solution I use generally. The other option is using the search box: Hold ctrl and press f key Type the units designation into the search box, such as AB12, and press enter This will select the AB12 unit and center the screen on it. The difficulty is in finding the designation in the first place if you are having trouble selecting the unit. The same two letter code is for all of your units, only the numbers change. You might find the numbers listed in the newspaper if that …

  • Read my stats

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    Gentlemen, if this conversation strays into gold denouncement and gold bashing one more time the thread will be closed.

  • Known Issue Sticky

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    As many issues are fixed at a fairly rapid pace, such a list would be assuredly outdated and in constant need of updating, sometimes several times per day. Unfortunately also some of these known issues do give an advantage to the players who know how to exploit a bug, so some of them could not be shared and explained anyway.

  • Quote from gusv: “Have an issue of this kind in game 2,800, 460 ... I'm Spain, have taken over 90% of France, and I'm at war with Germany ... Germany has a AA unit in Brugge (a province they took from Belgium) ... But when I click on unit, funky things happen ... the latest one is that some other different German unit in Frankfurt shows up in unit detail window ... I have refreshed game and restarted computer, but problem persists ... Can you guys fix this in your server (.P.S. I have a Mac) ...…

  • Game host admin functions are only available in player created games, not the system generated ones as far as I know, unless they do work in system generated 22's that are not tutorial mode games. There is only one option: to kick all inactive players and make their slots vacant. (note that inactive players are already controlled by the AI at the moment they are declared inactive) New players may join a game in a vacant slot, providing that the game is still within the joining limits. Generally …

  • The rest of the fix should be included in the next update, possibly next week, although it could end up being the following week. Read the release notes when they come out, and it should mention the bugs that are fixed.

  • Login issues

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    Nothing we can do for you here on the forum. Looks like you have already created a support ticket. Tickets are worked in the order received, so unfortunately you won't likely receive a reply today.

  • Since this discussion seems to be intent on denouncing gold it is now closed.

  • New Community Coordinator

    VorlonFCW - - Support Team


    Quote from bratakus: “Bogus battle results. If you have truly been involved in this game since 2015, how about the bogus battle results? There are so many, where to begin? Example A: armored car vs AT gun (same lvl) in woods. Instead of resounding win for AT gun, it gets destroyed totally. Example B: my 2 armored cars, on plains, both get killed by 1 militia (lvl 2) & he loses 40% only. Example C: aircraft on ground refueling are even stronger than in air. I lost 4 Tac Bombers loitering over ref…

  • This issue should be resolved at this point. If it continues for anyone please let us know.

  • In addition to morale, there is a "reputation" that your country has, for starting wars and things like that. In elite AI games it is used for a "most dreaded" list, and being neighbors with a highly dreaded country will cause the Elite AI to declare war. Now reputation is not displayed in games without the elite AI, but of course it is still calculated, as you get the pop up messages about declaring war affecting your reputation. I have no evidence that reputation plays a factor in choosing who…

  • Interesting and bizzare correlation there Atreas, but maybe. When you see such issues, take the first screenshot, Cancel the research, start it again, and see if you get a different answer. That has held true in a couple of experiments. Proper understanding is the key to solving this bug.

  • Quote from atreas1: “When you see that you are about to run out of food, you buy whatever you can and "hide" it in the market. ” You certainly can, providing that other players in the map are not willing to pay $30 for food.

  • Well, Yes and no. The negative effect on morale for food shortage is a scale. If you have enough food for 8 hours, the resource shortage penalty is not applied to that day's morale calculations. The scale slides based on how many hours of food you have. One hour is quite close to the "zero" mark, and will not help you much. I have sucessfully purchased an 9 hour supply just before day change and gotten through day change without that morale hit being applied. So it works. It is hard to rely on, …

  • rush for europe

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    English please here in the English section. As for speed records, this 6x event is very fast. Is anyone done with one yet?

  • Bytro priorities...

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Quote from The Shank: “I found using another browser worked ” This means that your browser got "confused" somehow, and was going in circles. To be helpful, browsers try and remember data so they don't have to take time and bandwidth to download the same thing over and over again. Sadly this doesn't work out well with a website that displays constantly changing information, like Call of War. Generally the browser and CoW get along quite well, but occasionally something like what you experienced h…

  • There were not any open Frontline games. I have now started a couple. I hope you enjoy one of them.