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  • Quote from BeerBelly: “Put a "1" after my name if you insist on finding out how much more experience in this game I have over you. You really don't get the point of my post, neither does Kanaris or Pontus. I hope I see your maxed militia in a is always a good laugh when I know I have won even before I act. The walls of text defending militia are funny. ” I like how instead of trying to disprove the "walls of text defending militia" you just say "hAHa fUnNy!11!!" like ??? Hello? Last ti…

  • New Building Ideas

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    it is I and I'm here to talk about some ideas for new buildings. Yes? Yes. Financial Center -Visually, this building would basically be a cluster of towers, like the skyscrapers in London's finance districts. I can only be constructed in urban provinces(cities). -It would cost 50,000 money, 12,000 goods and 1,500 steel to build, have a build time of three days, and it would have 15 HP. This building would only have one level. -This building would boost economic(money) output by 75% and morale by…

  • In my opinion, militia are best used to meat shield. If there is a large enemy stack moving towards you, you could produce a few militia. Once the enemy stack reaches the militia, they will stop to attack them. This is where you send your rockets. Or, if you need to stall an enemy stack from advancing so your reinforcements can defend a strategic point, militia can block them for a few precious hours. Militia are better than other cheap units like AT at meat shielding, because of their enormous …

  • This is all good until a) Russia is all like "heyyyyyy lemme just take all your lands you won't mind right" or b) Germany finds someone to ally with, possibly your neighbors, who then also attacks you. Playing as Poland is all about luck. Will Germany be a good player or a bad one? Will the USSR ally with me or Germany? Who will stay active and who will not? My AI once beat Germany as Poland on the 73p ACAI map, because Germany was a bad player. Defending as Poland is both incredibly easy and im…

  • This was on the 22p tutorial map, I played Italy. So, back in the days of my youth I thought I was such a hotshot. I was all like hA losers better prepare to d i e. It was around day 29, and I controlled all of Germany, the AIs, Poland, the Balkans and Romania. My ally was France, who controlled Spain and North America. There was only one enemy coalition left, Egypt, who ruled all of Africa, the Middle East and the Caucasus, and Communist Russia, who controlled the Russian Empire and Scandinavia…

  • Once I saw a noob gold user who put all his stuff in huge stacks. I had a huge stockpile of nukes. So, I did this to him.

  • I think the application limit depends on the game. On the 100p you can have up to five applicants.

  • I would love to see the capital distance penalty reduced significantly. It doesn't make sense in some cases.

  • Quote from RYANWEN: “German airforce need to be a little bit more challenging? Then everybody will want to be German. They will say it is not fair. ” Nonono, I want Germany's air force to get nerfed. Or Britain+France's air force to be strengthened.

  • That may be true, but the Historic isn't just unfair, unbalanced and difficult- it's IMPOSSIBLE in some features. Let me add some more criticisms to Jester's list: -Tibet and Xinjiang both suffocate under their own weight and starve to death. They do this in every single game. -France's core province production couldn't fill the bottom of a cup. In one of my Historical games, France, my ally, was living off welfare donations from me(UK). When I played France, I immediately upgraded my food. To n…

  • Self destruction

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    Pardon, je ne parle pas Allemand.

  • Quote from BMfox: “Didn't i see the exact same tread a small week ago? ” I suggested a similar idea, if that's what you were talking about. >>> HERE <<<

  • Your country is in great danger. You are at war with a powerful enemy, whose armies outnumbers yours three to one. His core provinces are unreachable and time is running out. It will not take very long before you are forced back to your core provinces. What can you do? Let's think. Your enemy's army is enormous because he spent a large amount of materials building and maintaining it. Surely that means his economy is in bad condition. How are you going to cripple him, though, if you can't even to…

  • My favourite weapon of the seas is the submarine. Look at it, the beautiful silver cigar. My navies mostly consist of subs(most of which are used to build submarine lines along my coasts) and destroyers, with maybe three strategically placed battleships sprinkled throughout. If I control an empire that spans an ocean, I'll build an army of around 3-4 carriers to quickly and safely transport my planes across the oceans.

  • Level

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    Quote from BMfox: “Definatly not, join less games. ” Yes, I agree. Joining more games will really stress you out if you want to win every game you participate in. I've once had seven games running at once, and every waking hour was spent on either playing them or thinking about them.

  • A good rule of thumb would be to only build infrastructure in core provinces that produce resources. Of those core resource provinces, upgrade infrastructure in your most important resource provinces. For example, if you are running low on food, consider upgrading the infrastructure in your core food provinces.

  • suggestions

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    The Historic Map really is rigged, but not just for smaller countries. France, for example, starts off with negative food production, a ridiculous amount of useless African provinces, and three food cores. With max level infrastructure, max IC and full morale they produce 1987(Nantes), 1600(Limoges) and 1989(Toulouse) respectively. It's almost impossible to play as France, because of how much food negative you get. Same thing with other smaller, but sizable countries like Australia, Brazil or Ch…

  • New country idea

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    Quote from RYANWEN: “That will not happen because CoW is about WWII maps ” And Cuba was a significant player in WWII??

  • Friends system!

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    Quote from patriota75: “How would you feel if you enter map and you take New South Wales and you see Papa New Gvineya , Queensland, New Zeland, Western Australia.... are members of same alliance? What are your chances? I played with group of players I meet here too. We lost only one map we played together, and it is unfair advantage in my opinion. So I think that if some players want to play together they should go to alliance war. It is more fair. Second reason is to make multi accounting more …

  • Quote from RYANWEN: “Excuse me, but you should be experienced enough to build your troops instead of sending them straight into the battle field. There can be resource problems. I do understand that it does not make sense to you. But you have to look into the perspectives of resources. AI are also problems so you cannot sell. Food is a hard thing to control and you cannot improve without attacking anyone. And you get ridiculous food productions after you make it. Unless some of you have a awesom…