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  • Team Up!

    romanathens - - News


    Quote from freezy: “Feedback for improving the Team mode in future iterations was noted, thanks everyone. ” "Was"? Are you not looking for more feedback at this time? Anyway this is my feedback after playing this format for the last couple weeks. I like the idea. It has been interesting, and it makes adopting some unorthodox strategies a must. Which is fun, but sort of negates the "reality" of the simulation. Allies that go inactive need to be handled differently. As the dev says, this is suppos…

  • Build queue and all other high command functions should have been in at release. I traditionally play on my computer, but lately I've been using the mobile app. I was a bit pissed that so many "premium" features are not implemented. I pay for that stuff and it's not working or available to me when on the go. Bad Bytro.

  • How about a map overlay that shows teams in team games, and maybe coalitions in most other games? Sort of like what you see in the Herald map screen in team games. I'm sure there are other overlays that would be cool to have as well. So that image is what you see in the Herald in a Team game. I'd like to have that overlay on the main map. I would suggest you do something like random colors for each coalition, and maybe different shades of color for AI or inactive nations. I went back about a yea…