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  • Are you using "TheGenericSoldier" name here, or something else as your game name? Can you find a link in your browser history that will include the "gameID=......." information?

  • Quote from PNB1811: “how do I get to a players profile ” You can also search for their name in the ranking tab. Quote from PNB1811: “And can I also send an invite to someone that already has a alliance? ” No Quote from PNB1811: “Can you be in more than 1 alliance? ” No, only one at a time.

  • In several beta games that have elite AI I have frequently gotten share map and row, in some cases on day 1. In my current regular game I had Row with several early, but my popularity has fallen of late and now many have switched me to trade embargo instead.

  • Quote from Rockfossil: “do AI countries make peace after 2 day anymore ” Elite AI does accept peace, but it depends on your reputation. You can check your popularity in your own diplomacy page. If you have high popularity you will receive peace, right of way, or even share map from the ai. If you have low popularity the AI will trade embargo or declare war.

  • Elite AI now, unless you have an old game with regular AI

  • Sounds to me like you made a challenge game against another alliance, instead of an internal. Until the other alliance accepts the challenge, the game won’t start. If you made it and it has not been accepted yet, you should see a “revoke” button, which will cancel the game

  • Quote from TheGreatSage: “There is a trick many players use on Ais or inactive players. First, you offer and get ROW, then put your army in their land, and then attack instantly, conquering multiple provinces. ” I have offered the opinion before that this is a much slower and disorderly way of doing it. It results in higher casualties than I would like as well.

  • inaccuracies

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    An overhaul of images and such used is on the suggestion list already, awaiting sufficient time and resources to tackle. Thank you for your suggestion

  • Without looking further into it, I assume you had formed a coalition. When you are in a coalition the game continues until the points requirement for coalition victory are achieved. As you were a member of the winning coalition, you received the coalition prize, which in this case is 1800 gold. Coalition prizes are always lower than individual prizes. If you had left your coalition and won as a solo person, you would have received the solo victory prize plus gold for each victory point. This is …

  • I assume you used the same email for both accounts, which will cause that. Please create a private forum conversation using the conversations tab at the top of the page, including both Prince of Honor and myself, and we will try and straighten this out for you.

  • Most maps are balanced for resources, some are not. While there is a slight variation between countries on maps like the 22 and 100, the core province economy has essentially the same potential. The 25 historical map is not intended to be balanced or fair.

  • As I said above, to assist the roleplay community I have attempted to gather interest in a 73 player historical map. I would create this map if there was sufficient interest, and if there were volunteers to assist with planning and moderating the map. I have had very few people express interest in actually playing, and very few people follow through on volunteering to help, so the project has been stalled for at least 6 months or so. So in summary, if the RP community isn’t really interested in …

  • Sorry, the support department will make no warranty on the trustworthiness of any player. Diplomatic relations are entirely between players. You are free to form alliances and coalitions however you wish, there is no requirement for historical accuracy. The coalition leader will see any applications pending in the “my coalition” tab of the coalition menu.

  • Your units can miss, which was rather common in reality of 1942 technology, and simulated by the randomness of the X factor. This does not mean that they will miss every time, as each combat calculation will have a fresh roll of the X factor dice. There are no guarantees that your unit will always destroy an enemy, which is part of the beauty of the game engine. It isn’t a simple statistical evaluation, but more of a gamble in certain circumstances.

  • Trading Fee

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    Unfortunately there is no easy fix for the mechanism of the $3 minimum to predict your intention of a two digit number solely based on the first digit you enter. If someone knows how to add mind reading capabilities to this please let us know So it will be necessary for a time to select and change one digit at a time only, or use the slider to adjust, instead of removing the entire amount any replacing it, until a more elegant solution is crafted. I haven’t tried pasting a number into that space…

  • Leavers Penalty

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    It is difficult to assign a value based on provinces though. Province count after several days in the game can largely depend on your neighbors more than anything. An inactive player who has inactive neighbors will slip through your system

  • K/D ratio numbers

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    It can be confusing, so I will try and simplify: Combat results reported in the newspaper are reported in terms of the manpower required to produce those units. You can find this value for each unit by looking in the production menu or the research menu. For statistics and achievements the number is the individual unit. So when you produce one infantry unit it counts as one unit, but it takes 1300 manpower and will count as 1300 casualties in the newspaper, however, it only counts as one unit lo…

  • We’re your AA attacked? Or were they separate from the units that were attacked. The close combat area is 5km, so if your AA were more than a few minutes travel from the item that the planes targeted then they were out of range and would not respond. In addition there are other factors in combat, generally described as the X factor, where combat will result in a range from zero to 100% of rated damage. Read about that on the pinned post at the top of this forum section.

  • I have frequently proposed that players not be able to give right of way during a peace period in order to prevent this from occurring, but this solution has not been popular, and I agree it does have drawbacks, so we continue with the present system.

  • Support android?

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    The app does require android version 5.0 or higher. I suspect that older versions may lack something necessary to make the app function properly. You should be able to play from the browser on your phone, simply visit and click the login button to access your account.