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  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Can you do a one for Communist Russia? ” You know, I could do one for the Soviet Union on the same map, but on the tutorial maps/Clash of Nations maps, there isn't too much to tell. The countries more or less start out the same. (This is a massive generalization, but I'm still kinda right.)

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Vatican was not defended by a massive army, but by an extreme morale penalty for anyone who dared to invade ” True true, but they did have a guard force, and it was only disbanded in the 70's. So technically speaking, their army couldn't have been much weaker than Chile's.

  • Fair enough, but my point still stands.

  • I noticed when filtering for a game a while back I stumbled across this map called the "Ultimate War" map, and decided to give it a look: unsurprisingly, nothing came up. What is it? Is it an old map that no longer gets played? And if so, what is it still doing in the filter?

  • Ever notice that the Free City of Danzig takes up a whole country? Ever noticed how much it bugs you? Well guess what: well after Danzig was (re)occupied by Germany, the Vatican City was still an independent micronation! Yes, and ENTIRE CITY IN ITALY managed to stay independent through the entire war! Granted, this was because they swore neutrality, but even so: If Danzig can exist, so should too the Vatican. Just sayin'. It would work a lot like Luxembourg, Slovakia, etc. smaller countries: 3 p…

  • Alright, so I'm kind of breaking the rules of a guide here: British Egypt technically isn't playable, but it also kind of is. In fact, in my opinion, it's a perfectly viable option for a playable country - more so than many others, at least. Nevertheless, Egypt did pose an interesting challenge during All Countries, All In, so I decided to take on the task of playing as Egypt! I've only played once, but walked away in 6th place, so I know a thing or two. 1) immediately disable any and all barrac…

  • Quote from rubinedan12: “So my favorite game mode is Historical World War 1939. But in this game, some of the countries start with 90 units and some of them with 9 units. But I can't manage to take a strong nation like Germany, USSR and USA... Only Canada, India, Perisa, Tibet and so on... Is there a period for game releasing? I mean new Historical World War 1939 game every 5, 10 minutes? I am always trying to be first but it never happens ” There are no bad countries, only bad attitudes. I've w…

  • I am certain that I am not the only person who has thought of this. However, when typing in the subject, nothing came up, so I guess I'm the first person to bring it up in a long time. What I propose is an event calendar. Now, what does that actually mean? Well, it's pretty straightforward: Bytro would have a calendar for the month that contains the dates of all planned events for said months. Anyone can view it, and then they can plan activity accordingly. Still waiting on that next All Countri…

  • Quote from ChaosWarlord: “Quote from JesterTheSheep: “masochists ” A bit jaded aren't you? Since when is an element of risk inserted into a game we play for fun masochistic? I think you need to push back from the keyboard and re-examine your standards, that's just my opinion though. ” A Masochist is somebody who enjoys pain. I see this mode as painful, therefore it is my belief that the people who would readily suffer in a game mode could be masochists. There's nothing inheritently wrong with th…

  • Now this might sound obscene But sometimes the best on the screen Is the one with the tank Who can smite and make bank By forging the best empire seen Restore your empire of yore With tanks and troops galore Some say Persia isn't strong And those people are wrong Welcome back to Call of War! (Yes, I stole that from A Crap Guide to DnD - Cleric. You can sue me now, I'm not apologizing.) Persia is a massively undervalued country. Many people ditch only after the first day because of the starting a…

  • Food for research

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    Quote from BMfox: “The change to food was a really good one. The 1939 Historic is a unbalanced map where playing with little countries like Tibet is challenging. You might consider another country or map until you gain knowledge about the economical side of the game. Good were overused and players were always without goods trough the game. In the other hand they had too much food so they sold it to buy goods instead. This has now been corrected. Read: How to play with Tibet:…

  • I definitely wouldn't play it. There's no satisfaction to building an army only for half of it to be wiped out just because. Still, I guess some people are masochists, so it isn't really up to me.

  • Quote from BMfox: “There is already a Poland guide ” That may be true, but is it a Poland guide written by me?

  • I was actually referring to the 25 Player map, which is really the only map in which countries have major differences. Sure, there's some minor differences in the 100 player map, but not really enough to make a guide out of. Even so, I will definitely keep that in mind!

  • That would be awesome, sure, but take it from an amateur game designer: what you're proposing is really, really hard to do. It's super time consuming, super hard to implement in already running games, doesn't really add much to the game, and it would cost tons of maintenance time that could be set on fixing existing bugs. It's cool, sure, but not practical. Also, it's spelled Cockpit. Cockpit, as in the area of an air vehicle in which the pilot is stationed.

  • Yeah, activity is a problem. Not really much I can do about that.

  • Not sure if this is the right thread or not, but it is a question, and I would like an answer. What should I do next? I've done Mongolia and Tibet, two of the hardest countries to win as, so where do I go from here? What should I do a guide on? You tell me!

  • Remember my guide on Tibet? Well, here's another one. Mongolia is the weakest country in the game, economically, militarily, and even diplomatically. However, one key advantage you have is that most - not all - of your neighbors are fairly weak too: the Soviets don't have a huge military presence in Asia, Manchuria's military literally sucks, China will likely be occupied fighting Japan, India is far away, and Xingjiang will probably need to fend of the Soviets or the British Indian forces. That…

  • I'd swap Turkey and Sweden, because that makes more sense. Either way, I won't join because I hate the map XD

  • Elite AI for All

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    You know the whole Free Elite AI thing? Yeah, that would be great, except for the fact that free players can't make games anymore. Remember, that was also an update.