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  • Thanks for the welcome The barracs are disabled and i have only in my first territories, but this problem will be increase when i take more provinces, the daily consumption will increase and the food production will no longer resist that, if the conquered provinces would be useful, maybe i can handle with this problems and the game would be more balanced i think. It isn´t a problems with the revolts, is the same behaviour as supremacy 1914, my first problem is the production. Thank you everyone.

  • Man, i´m playing as a morocco and i cannot conquer my neighbours cause i have a great deficit of food at the begining, i was thinking that conquerir the provinces with food can raise my production but this -75% of that are killing me, even with all the factories level 5 i cannot get suficient resources to face the daily consumption of the new conquered provinces. So what i should do now? new provinces makes me more food deficit and when i conquer more enemies i´ll have more problems with the sup…