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  • Quote from Nooberium: “FP Game #2830244. Day 11. About 4 hours ago, ALL of my units completely disappeared along with ALL of my coalition partner's units. Have produced 3 units since then, now Army Size = 3. ” As Frontline pioneer games are designed to test for bugs, these things naturally do occur. T he staff are aware of the issue and are currently working on getting this addressed

  • Quote from bbdeed: “I'm in a game where almost all nations enforced a trade embargo upon me, and all my AI-run neighbors have declared war on me without provocation. I can't figure out what's going on. Any ideas? ” a few updates ago they replaced the regular AI , with the upgraded version "elite AI"~ with this newer version your in game reputation matters much much more! If for example you have a very low in game reputation the AIS might declare trade embargos against you, not except ROW request…

  • Coast defenses

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    I recommend building forts, where there is risk of invasion. and place a few rail guns, arty, and AA in them along with one tank. fight those right and you can at the very minimum cause serious harm to your invaders! you can even set a few naval bombers a province behind to hit the transports as they approach! or even patrol out to sea with subs using add target to go back and forth!

  • Kids

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    I gotta admit, I find it extremely ironic your named island "boy"~~ and then saying that! Best advice I have for you is be more selective as to who you let join, or which you join~ The only person that can stab you in the back, is the person you trust enough to stand behind you with a knife!

  • A Curious Problem

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    A couple of things comes to my mind that might cause this~ 1. Was the AA in a fort, a level 5 fort would protect it, with the low losses, my assumption would be a fort is involved. 2. Since you said you were not online~ When I see someone using patrol for long periods, i'll happily send a stack of AA under it to shoot em down 3. possibly seeing you patrol they used interceptors or jet fighters to shoot you down I only use patrol when I am offline over friendly territory, for I am not there to mo…

  • while modern day rockets can "explode in the sky", the technology of the v-rocket system was in no way capable of hitting any target with much more then pure luck, let alone a moving or flying one. Even with todays technology they miss~~ keep in mind this game is based on ww2 abilities. not ww3