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  • Unit Speed

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    Quote from Crister: “I'm wondering how a stack with AT and Infantry can over take a stack of Light Tanks, SP Arty and SP Anti-air? I mean, the Infantry is on foot, right? ” Troop movements in own provinces are inherently faster because of the better knowledge of terrain and infrastructure.…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 Aah, Vorlon was faster than me -- yes, he also knows his terrain better ..

  • Battle Tokens

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    .. from the principle a good idea, and similar has been proposed here in the forum a few times already -- unfortunately, at Bytro they wear glasses with other diopters ..

  • Quote from BeorntheBold: “How can I best ensure the least damage possible? ” When attacking the defending units use weapons with the least possible damage to buildings -- however that will be at the expense of your units then, because ranged weapons cause higher building damage than melee units .. ..but it will even (randomly) caused damage if you take a province without a fight -- so it doesn't really matter much to pay attention to it, you can not prevent it (simulates a kind of "scorched eart…

  • Info: With every conquered province you get directly a booty of 50% of the ressources and money produced in this province per day. Each conquered capital city brings you additionally 50% of the opponent's cash money and also in each own province morale rises instantly by +10, in each remaining enemy province it falls by -20. When a nation is completely conquered and has no more provinces, rest of their resources and money vanish to nirvana ..

  • Quote from EZ Dolittle: “Does this mean that in addition to your attack and defense values being increased that there is another bonus that 15% of the enemy attack is ignored. ”…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2

  • ..never suffered from lack of information. The herald reports all I want and need to know >> casualty-figures with army-number and, except for total losses at sea, every destroyed Army is even linked there .. If one or more unit(s) were killed out of a still existing army / fleet it shows the number of casualties and the army number. (column with the Flag of the affected country) (if you dont know where this army currently is, this number can be used to find the army by using the search [Ctrl + …

  • Kamikaze Planes

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    Use Level 1 rockets, then you have your Kamikaze feeling -- or higher levels for simulating more "experienced" Kamikaze pilots .. But basically, every plane here can used as a kamikaze - you just have to let it attack long enough. Kamikaze mainly were based by the desperate situation, fuel shortages and a carrier deficient .. .. but real kamikaze missions would be very nonsensical in this game because all in all it's very inefficient to sacrifice planes (and pilots ) in a one-off attack .. .. in…

  • Forum ranks

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    Post…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 From here >>ärt << : # "There is one point per thread and post and one point for each Like you get. The ranks have no special function and are for fun only. Also, a user with a higher rank is not better or more important than a user with a lower rank. The only ranks that have authority are the .. Bytro ranks!"

  • Friends tab

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    There is a wonderful free available and legal add-on for such a thing.smilie_op_045.gif Personally, I've been using it for years. cool.png With this add-on you can not only create a simple friend list, but even save many more individual details, about players and the game with them or about the maps. thumbup.png The data storage is even endlessly expandable.smilie_happy_050.gif And the best thing about it >> this add-on works great also with other games. thumbsup.png (Hidden Content)

  • Rocket Cheat

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    Quote from Boozo: “.. So the tactic: build tons of level 1 rockets and then research to level 2,3 etc. ” I would say: Rockets become useful (effective / efficient) only at level 3 .. .. but production costs of the rockets are identical for all levels, likewise the consumption of 100 oil daily .. .. next to level 1 missiles only interceptors can be built on Level 1 bases, but no bombers .. .. level 2 bases also decrease the refueling time for planes .. (level 1 = 15 minutes, level 2 = 7.5 minutes…

  • Quote from Horizon McLean: “Custom Unit Appearances ” Quote from Kitty: “…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 Would be very cool smilie_girl_307.gif I already have visions in my favorite color ..smilie_girl_234.gif…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2smilie_girl_157.gif…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2smilie_girl_299.gif…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2smilie_girl_052.gif _____________________________________…

  • Forum Suggestion

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    Quote from Ryan04px2025: “.. Now here is an important question to ask, how were you introduced to call of war forum? Please tell me .. ” Quote from Chuck: “…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 Just clicked the button…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 ” Quote from Ckickie: “…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 My mother read to me what is written on the various buttons. ”

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “Game host admin functions are only available in player created games, not the system generated ones as far as I know, unless they do work in system generated 22's that are not tutorial mode games. There is only one option: to kick all inactive players and make their slots vacant. (note that inactive players are already controlled by the AI at the moment they are declared inactive) New players may join a game in a vacant slot, providing that the game is still within the joi…

  • Quote from JesterTheSheep: “.. Thoughts? ” smilie_frech_154.gif

  • (Hidden Content) Oh boy, what has this ramblings to do with whether the time / arrival of next ONE interrims waypoint should be displayed for marching units "permanently and without selecting the unit" .. ?? And if, what's with the other various points, mostly, if any, other waypoints are important, so should not all of them be listed then? .. so why (only) display the next waypoint ..? .. maybe more important can be in most cases the point before the last -- and much more important is usually t…

  • Quote from Telmah69: “yes u can do it that way but still esasier if displayed both next waypoint and final destination ” Yeah .. .. and even much more easier easiest of all if the game runs completely alone after logging in so you only need to watching the wheels go round and round ..

  • Dumbest Rule Ever

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    (Hidden Content) Well, (whithout to know your announcement in the newspaper) I would say not just xxx rule, but also xxx friend .. .. and, by the way, there are other xxx rules -- eg *Publishing correspondence between CoW teams and users is strictly forbidden!* _______________________________________________ ________________________________________ ____ ___

  • Click on your already running unit(s) and then the Move button, and then move the mouse cursor somewhere on the track, so you can read the travel time and the arrivel time in the units info for each point on the route. Deselect the unit(s) with (X) or right mouse button, and it continues to run as it was previously set ..

  • Day of the Militia

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    Quote from Albert: “…33f782468f39babd60c66b1b2 Humour (British English), also spelt as humor (American English). People of all ages and cultures respond to humour. Most people are able to experience humour — be amused, smile or laugh at something funny — and thus are considered to have a sense of humour. Persons lacking a sense of humour would likely find the behaviour inducing it to be inexplicable, strange, or even irrational. Though ultimately decided by personal…

  • Quote from Aimo Johannes Lahti: “..Apart from that, someone once told me in a chat they were able to get share map with an AI .. ” Yes, it is (or has been..!? ) not uncommon for Elite AI to grant Shared Map -- only Normal AI has never granted more than RoW. Quote from WayneBo: “Can anyone with current game experience verify that AI will reciprocate diplomatic offers of RoW or SM? Three weeks into a game, never at war, offered and accepted share map with two live players, active on the commoditie…