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  • Friends List

    papasmurf29 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    no a friend list with an IM function is in a big need for this game. I have meet really cool people in games just to lose contact with them. This game is based on multiplayer and playing with other people this should be a main focus.... and it is also a great tool to keep players to stay active and to stay playing, ask anyone why they keep playing a game or keep working a shitty job they loved the people. allowing them easy connection like friend list with an IM system makes the game more fun an…

  • Sabotage Prevented!

    papasmurf29 - - News


    That is Good news some of those bugs were annoying. I tried to create an alliance I dont know how many times.

  • Quote from King Draza Mihajlovic: “Quote from Drecq: “not focused strictly on war and expanding territory ” i rarely see an roleplay which does not focus on war, the roleplays i have been in usually end up in a total nuclear war in just 25 days after the RP start, and at after the 20 day mark, half of the roleplayers end up rarely posting articles/not at all... i am not interested to join in this Roleplay, yet, but i hope it becomes a success ” Why did you even post this then? okay you dont like…

  • Quote from DxC: “Light tanks are not overpowered in terms of strength per upkeep and build costs, but they are in terms of MP and build time which is often a factor early on. And they are also fast which is their main advantage. Many use them in concert with air to advance to front more quickly with their speed which isn't a bad strategy in many circumstances. However, strategies are still evolving and that simple TAC/INT/LT strategy isn't necessarily the way to go. Every country and scenario is…

  • What are you guys even talking about? It is like you are trying to troll me with your guys logic.I am talking about EARLY GAME even day 1 here. Again why the harbours? NO player is going to attack you from the sea in the beginning not when you can grow by grabbing your natural expansions. Then you talk about how Anti Tank Guns are better to produce day 1 than Infantry. This is a completely defensive order. Anti Tank Guns suck at attacking anything only good at incoming look at their attack versu…

  • You do it a little different than me.... why the Build L1 harbours on all of your coastal core resource provinces, in any game naturally we are not going to sea to me this is strange to rush. I tell you what I do, Build barracks level 1 in all cities, research infantry and armored cars, build infrastructure in all provinces that provide resources. As soon as barracks is up infantry is researched build 3 to 4 regiments. Start researching level 1 light tanks ASAP after armored cars I never leave a…

  • /bump I am still looking for active alliance. True I have been afk a week due to work and school, that is life...I would join Kill Krush N Destroy but I do not want to focus on war games versus other alliances not untill i am confident in playing. Unless you guys are willing to teach me... Again I am looking for an alliance that does it all, players versus AI games, Role playing games, random games. I would do a war team but someone would have to teach me more advanced builds. after I do light t…

  • I just quit my current alliance because. I waited for months for them to either start games, do training, do anything nothing happened. I am looking for a active alliance. I am not a great player but I am willing to learn I do know how to rush with light tanks and how to get my econoly going mid to late game I am still trying to figure it out..... I am looking for an alliance that does a little bit of everything, fun games versus AI, Role play is awesome!, scenarios, achivement runs, I am up for…

  • Reading all of this I see no point in turtling other than to troll the other players so they have to work harder to win.

  • Quick Start Guide

    papasmurf29 - - Questions and Answers


    so what you are telling me building up my economy in my entire country is wrong idea. I usually try to build infrstructe all over my country to try to boost my eco while I build Infantry and invade my natural expand, like if I was south united states I would automatically invade cuba. Instead I should rush Light Tanks and slowly build my eco with my army? basically I am trying to boom my economy trying to buy time by research infantry and mass producing them. I think this is why 12-15 light tank…

  • I found it! search by player Alpha_Zulu then click on his alliance then apply. if you search for it by rank or open alliance it will not show because it is not an open alliance and i guess it is still unranked. I applied I hope I get accepted.

  • live chat where i would love to join i am an active player

  • looking for an alliance

    papasmurf29 - - Recruitment Centre


    Quote from Defous: “Join us We are the largest and most active alliance on Call of War with more than 3 years of history in SM1914 and CoW Here you have EN version of our recruitment page: ” I put my app in bro, im not polish fluent but if you got an english speakers im in.

  • New Player but active.

    papasmurf29 - - Find Co-players


    Hi, I am a new player looking for an alliance, I am interested in RP, Co-op games, PVP, and always new techniques. I am yet to find anyone active willing to talk about community, an alliance people i can jump in a game with etc.... I love the game but when I first jumped in the community is honestly seem to be closed off like im not in the big club yet. I am only rank 16 but I am climbing in 6 active games. Probably going to join a few more since I lost one already 2 or 3 days in playing a game …