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  • Plane Idenification-Vol I

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    I think they're either B-29's or Lancasters but I voted B-29 becouse the Lancaster has those flaps on the top of it's rear wings if that's a thing but at least nobody said Spitfire so...

  • I don't really agree with some of the air trees since the De Havilland Mosquito was one of the last WW2 designs I don't agree with the placing of the B 25 Mitchell I would kinda prefer it under the Tactical bomber tree and WHY IN THE WORLD NO WELLINGTON? sorry for being mad but put the Wellington at T5 and the Lancaster at T6 neither do I agree with the later half of the battleships, maybe this is a little fangirling but I'd put the King George V on top and put the Hood (legendary ship why is it…

  • I was just about to create a topic about this when I looked at the thingemajig saying the following topics look like the one you're about to create and you're right the IS-3 has this pike nose thing the tank shown in the picture is probably the IS-2 since the IS-1 has an 85mm gun and that doesn't look like an 85mm gun

  • within the timeline of CoW? I saw Russian bomber the Myasichev M-4 and that's from 1953 the most modern aircraft I mentioned was the Mosquito wich was a WW2 aircraft and yes the Brits did have jets infact the Brits had their first jet (Gloster Meteor 1944) before the Americans did

  • I appreciate that this game is in Beta and it's still WiP but that's why we are leaving suggestions like this it bothers me to a large extent that there are no British units (French only had very early war units and very late war/post war units so I see why France would use American units) but the British had some of the most iconic units ever I can make an entire areal tree up on the fly 6 levels of each right? okay interceptors: Gloster Gladiator (1) Hawker Hurricane (2) Baulton Paul Defiant (…