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  • War in the Mediterranean!

    Immortal Baron Czern - - News


    In the tutorial on the 2v2 map, I had no problem with the checks for buildings and research, but I'm stuck in a loop where I am being asked to build infantry and subsequently being told that I cannot produce infantry at this point in the tutorial. Also, the game does not show up when other people search for it.

  • Hamburg Bug

    Immortal Baron Czern - - Bug Reports and Issues


    I have not seen this around, so I will post it here just in case. Hamburg is no longer considered a core province of Germany in the latest patch. This means, of course, that Germany has effectively been crippled somewhat in that its most valuable starting grain province brings in only 1/4 production and manpower. hamburger.jpg As evidence, here we see Leipzig and Stuttgart, considered core provinces, and Hamburg, considered occupied.

  • Damage does not seem to calculate consistently (or, sometimes, at all) when a land unit is attacking a naval unit right on the coast and vice-versa. Here is a screenshot from a game where I am Germany and am at war with Sweden, who is an active player: moving_away.jpg His 1 unit is moving away from my 7 on the shoreline, and no damage has been sustained by either party for over a day. This has also happened with an AI in another game. My submarine was sent ahead to scout out troop movements, and…

  • This could be an issue of unit reports outliving their usefulness, which commonly happens in S1914 and this game as well from my experience. For example, after destroying the garrison at Marseilles there remains a single infantry unit on the map as a result of the information my tactical bomber had gathered while bombarding the area not being up-to-date now that some time has passed. Unit reports (from spies and aerial reconnaissance etc.) are easily identified by the espionage icon that shows u…

  • I am wondering whether the sea routes have been optimized. routing.jpg This screenshot shows (at 1) that sea units cannot travel from one vertically parallel dot to another, and/or that moving in this crisscross pattern is somehow faster and thus units will never be routed in a vertical line. However, from my experience playing as Spain, I know that there are places where sea units can travel from dot to dot on a horizontal parallel (the example here being at 2, and also the row directly above t…