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  • the non gold games people still try to, even wwhen they KNOW it will punish there team> Espeically in player league games, and in those even when they admitted it{like they could argue} and apoligized publically in forums they were USING even more gold while they were typing apoligy. Honestly even gold checks not sufficent as they still change outcome of what ever event> Even if person who used was to actually be punished with something that mattered to them, maybe taking there gold, for example…

  • Did theyDid they ever add a automatic gold check at end? Only time i played in one , supposed non gold use, equalled nearly everyone using gold. Then some admtd it, said sorry in forums and immediately used FAR more. Was rediculous. Glad for awc tho some still used gold KNOWING there was auto checks, it kinda gave me faith again. Also goes to show you EVEN when know there will be checks, n entire allaince PUNISHED some selfish player still try to get away with it.

  • Sign me up, i agree to rules. SALUTE

  • Limiting Gold Usage

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    Salutation's I was very hesitant to write this , i do not always articulate my point well, and often i lack tact. First off true wallet warrior's pose very little threat on 100 player maps , except in beginning.If it day 1 0r 2 and some one has multiple stack's of tac's , while you researching fighter's, there very little can be done there. There are considerable games whether it be fantasy , civil war, ww1 or 2, or moden era. Most all have pay to win system in place. What makes C.O.W so unique …

  • Me too. I don't even know the game ID