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  • the team league is not finished yet but it is on hold temporaily

  • should be the same as my samsung at the opening screen wher you select your game , look above tht and selct messages then you will see the list of messages and there should be a trashcan icon

  • the Team League is taking a month off It will return in October

  • event

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    it is currently available on my list

  • the game is still running Sorry i dont have much info to share Perhaps, there will be an update from vorlon soon

  • general rules

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    the range can be increased by researching higher level planes the first planes used in WW2 were limiited in range

  • Alliances

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    dont think there is a reason other than some alliances want only known players and dont want new inexperienced players You could search for my alliance Mormon Battalion i will accept any who apply

  • ships

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    all units heal UP TO 15% of damaged portion if in a province you control Naval units heal at sea not in port healing happens at day change

  • Quote from AK140: “For some reason i can't join my doomsday event map for several hours now, getting the error message: ” this is a known bug and the fix should be completed shortly

  • Quote from warplas: “I notice that lv1 fortification alone brings down 55% damage, higher than 38% in the past. ” when i examined a lvevel one fort it did say 55% but when i built i got 38% i reprted it as a bug

  • it is information that is not needed, it is not intended to be there it affects nothing

  • Quote from AdrianTheStrategist: “Less than 6.5 hours till the August TTL begins, I hope it is completed prior to the start of the game to reduce confusion and to make the rules clear. ” there has been a complication here is a response from Vorlon which should answer your question "ChaosWarlord has updated the rulebook for this month, but unfortunately he was called away yesterday and today and has not been able to share it. I expect he will have the opportunity to share the complete revised rule…

  • Quote from Unicorn Ninja: “So, I don't know if this is a bug or meant to be apart of the game but whenever i move my navy within range of another countries unit, even if its just passing it without attack orders, they will open fire. ” it is intended Please read the latest update Fire at will!

  • Quote from Mandurah: “COUNCIL OF LEADERS Update COL voting to qualified majority rounded up to the nearest whole number. This is to give more power to COL. Mods have already extensive powers. 2/3 majority in case of a biased mod decision is too restrictive. It can be very hard to overturn given the same mod or his team can participate in the game and is going to vote against overturning. ” it is not neccearily true that the mod will vote against overturning we can be impartial and we can be pers…

  • Fire at will!

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    Quote from freezy: “To clarify once more: If you want to set up a naval blockade with ranged units and you want them to bombard neutral units from a distance, you have to set their fire mode to "aggressive" (High Command only, and only for ranged units). If you want to set up a naval blockade by blocking the naval paths with ships or submarines, to prevent neutral armies from moving through, it is now enough to just place them there with their standard setting "fire at will" (free for everyone, …

  • Quote from grandpooba52: “you have been added is it working for you now? ” i see that is working now thanks for bringing this to our attention

  • you have been added is it working for you now?

  • Quote from LoI10522: “I heard that there is a special conversation for leaders of all teams, could you add me there, please? ” i will let them know that you need to be added Sorry for the ommission i have notified them and they have responded that you will be added thanks

  • Quote from vekkiller64: “I submitted the bug report on tuesday. How much time till i get an answer ? one more thing: is there not any way to see the status of submitted reports ? such as text and time of submission, work status etc...etc...maybe i'm asking too much ! ” It is okay to ask most anything here 1) i believe it can take up to 72 hrs till you get an answer 2) no there is no way to view the status of a report 3) not too much you should be notifed by personal message good luck

  • Thanks for your comment Ther Players League has suspended our tournment, there just wasnt enough player interest There is a chance that the Players League will return Watch The forums for more infomation Also, if you didnt like the new Team League keep watchnig for the next new League or tounament. There will be more and perhaps they will be more suitable to you