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  • I have a suggestion for this issue ...instead of a stationary structure that would only have a certain range of aerial monitoring only and require continuing resource demands .. why not a new unit instead an armored recon vehicle squadron , infantry LRRP (long range recon patrol) to scout ahead but not for combat that could be moved around to wherever you need and just need research and perhaps a small size with a much smaller unit creation resource cost. if you need something faster perhaps an …

  • chat

    MajorPain68 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    just a quick suggestion be able to scroll up and down thru the chat with the arrow keys also noticed chat sometimes is hard to read bottom line and sometimes when i have typed text there is quite a lag before seeing it ..not sure if others have experienced the same issue

  • it seems just the last day or so that the screen has gone weird. This effect has happened on a couple of different computers and seems to only affect parts of the map and does seem to go away when you zoom in or out partially.

  • i can definitely relate to the issue I have two incidences of that on my game ..although they are in the air

  • in response to bringing anti air units to the rescue I still have that first ongoing bug of the anti air not taking any or giving any damage to the enemy air units overhead further north on the map of the same game

  • i thought my arty would have the range advantage by 5 km for the other units absorbing fire ...I thought damage was supposed to be shared amongst combined arms units.. in reply to Zarathustra if my troops were still advancing right into the enemy fire ...there still should have been a short period of time where they would have the distance advantage and be the only units firing..shouldn't they????

  • I thought I read that they could not defend them selfs and that would make sends because realistically they would need to land to bring their weapons to bare on any other targets .....

  • now my artillery is 20% and the inferior enemy guns are still at justice here in response to Vqndqcat0r I clicked on attack so I had thought it would engage at max range and remain there firing away.

  • another strange thing I just noticed is that during this one sided duel infantry unit is taking all the damage and my artillery unit is still at 100% hp even though I was told before that the damage is supposed to be spread evenly across all the unit types in your group

  • Tanks in a stalemate

    MajorPain68 - - Bug Reports and Issues


    in game ID1093286 on Day 9 my troops the59th American Medium Tank Brigade (059) 98% Morale count of 2 tanks 49.1 hp is being kept in place by 10th Spanish Interceptor Squadron (F10) 3 units at 97% morale 58.0 hp - my tanks have been prevented from passing for days now but both sides don't seem to be taking any damage. how do i get my troops to move???

  • in game ID1093286 on Day 9 my troops the 65th American Artillery Brigade (O 65 ) just outside of Badajoz attacked the 9th spanish Artillery Brigade (F 9 ) . My artillery is level 3 with range of 50 km yet the Spanish artillery fired on me first ......and they were only level 2 artillery with range of 45 km.....This seems like a glitch .... My Brigade had 1 unit of level 4 infantry with it and the Spanish unit had 1 unit of anti air lvl. 1 and 4 units of level 3 infantry...can you please explain …

  • it is day 29 of the battle in game 1,093,286 and that glitch is still going on with the never ending battle least it seems that my units are not taking any damage but they are not able to leave the fray and continue on in the map.

  • No Peace For You !

    MajorPain68 - - Bug Reports and Issues


    game 1098062 I am Russia and computer plays Greece, I am trying to revert back to a peace situation , it did nothing when i clicked on it in diplomacy information screen, then he has sent converstatin 5:05:19 am 11Jun2015 offering peace for 625 which i don't even have. I also cant make out the writing on the three buttons above the offer. Attempting to achieve peace. I have also tried refreshing the browser with no change in problem. Help Please

  • day 3 and the issue persists an indestructible enemy aircraft..ohh and I did try to target with aircraft but it wouldn't let me and when I sent them to patrol there still did no damage to the enemy plane

  • so now two separate battle groups are stuck in limbo because of this one indestructible fighter plane. very iritating

  • The battle still show no sign of change ...I even added the 67th American anti-air Brigade and the enemy aircraft shows it as fighting both forces but It has taken no loses.

  • additional information this enemy plane is also stalling my ground unit from proceeding onto Grenoble, France

  • In gameID1093286 i attempted to attack 50th Spanish Interceptor Squadron (F 50) over Lyon, France with my own 28th American Interceptor Squadron (O 28) @ 1830 hrs 08May2015 and the system would not recognize them as a legitamate target even though they were in range of St. Etienne, France…d037797477c6030bc06bf77f0