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  • Maybe we schould make the game management a suggestion.

  • Oh yes, I agree, that´s a good aspekt.

  • So the question also too you, WayneBo: Why you needing "scales, grid coordinates or Lat/Long"? I still did´nt understand for what you are needing this, if you have the time for arrival?

  • You are right. I´ve forgotten the distance. But why you are needing the distance? What do you want to do with this information? Do you want to make shure the game is calculate correctly? If you just have the distance information, you would don´t know, which time the units need for crossing. So you actually need the speed and the time. And yes, in conclusion all units in the merger are moved with the speed of the slowes unit. But if you splitt them you have diffrently fast units on the same road,…

  • Yes, I agree! There is missing a page, wich shows us detaild information about units, buildings and provinces. I actually told the Support this problem, but have the time for doing this all is not easy. We should recognize that the support actually has a lot of questions and problems he has take to care of and that he needs a lot of time to make such a page especially then, if he have to fix oher bugs and Problems.

  • Hello Ozzone, I think the problem is that the map would be confusing, if you add to all lines / roads. By the way that would be impossible, because all units are different almost. A light tank is faster than a normal infantry, so you can not give one specifikation one line/way. This time is based on the speed of the unit, the unit level, the nature of the province and the existing infrastructure in the province. So I don't understand why the time your unit in this case needs to cross the road is…