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  • Retire win (or not)

    Little Racoon - - Bug Reports and Issues


    I was persuaded to end a 10p Blitzkrieg game from my coalition ally (aka the only other active player), in which I did. When I pressed the retire button, the news showed the victory pay-outs as a coalition victory, with me and my ally each getting 600 gold. However, when I reloaded the screen, it showed me getting 2nd place as if it was a solo game and getting 800-ish gold (which is actually pretty good). I checked the news again and it still showed the pay-outs as a coalition victory. WHAT HAS …

  • From my experience in playing 25p (including my old account) as Romania, Brazil, and Australia, I remember that Brazil and Australia takes a long time, but the chances of tightening the gap between me and the superpowers are high. Meanwhile, playing as Romania could be quite hard (as you have USSR at your back door), but all I did was be friends with the USSR, take over Yugoslavia and the Balkans. When the USSR became inactive, I took most of it. However, I quit all three games because they're t…

  • Quote from Little Racoon: “I do it according to my resources. If I have a strong oil supply, then I'll go for the armor branch. If I have a strong rare ore supply, then I'll go for commandos and/or rockets. If I have a strong food supply, then I'll go for the infantry branch. Remember, planes and arti are always a priority wherever you are. I am simply addicted to it. And thanks for the day 8 and 16 guide. Those days basically decide my grand strategy and my path. ” Looking at this now, I feel I…

  • Auto research

    Little Racoon - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Quote from AdrianTheStrategist: “You get their research if you have not researched that troop at all. ” BUT... only for that troop. The research isn't permanently there (at least for now).

  • Best War general

    Little Racoon - - Off Topic


    Europe (not in order): 1. Napoleon 2. Manstein 3. Zhukov 4. Frederick the Great 5. Caesar 6. Alexander the Great Asia (excluding the Middle East, not in order) (sorry, my knowledge of SE Asian countries is very limited): 1. Genghis Khan 2. Bai Qi 3. Cao Cao 4. Oda Nobunaga 5. Admiral Yi 6. Sun Tzu Africa (not in order): 1. Hannibal 2. Rameses II 3. Shaka Middle East (not in order): 1. Saladin 2. Cyrus the Great 3. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk North America: 1. Stonewall Jackson 2. Sitting Bull 3. Rober…

  • You have a point. There won't be any losing morale if no soldier has ever touched the battlefield yet.

  • Oh, nevermind. I checked a couple of hours later, and the health is still the same. Only when the enemy boarded, then my convoys killed it.

  • Market Overhaul

    Little Racoon - - News


    I personally believe the no-unit trading thing is "eh", but the no trading if not in a team/coalition is a bit... weird decision. First, before I join a coalition, I usually negotiate with neighbors for share maps and sometimes, when I am in need or an ally who's not in a coalition is in need, we trade resources. By putting it on the market, it's like you have to risk your ENEMIES taking the stuff you were supposed to give to allies. Plus, it kinda ruins the point of diplomacy other than chat. B…

  • Coast defenses

    Little Racoon - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Well... Quote from kylinho: “This idea could be implemented by adding a building type for coastal forts. Which all they do is build fortifications but directly on the coast. ” The artillery should have enough range to strike from the fort to any disembarking troop.

  • Battle of the Coast

    Little Racoon - - Questions and Answers


    So, I have an 11-unit army boarding the coast of a province, when the enemy last-minute rushes in with his defenses to hopefully stop me. The attack sign is shown (and I think there was some damage dealt, but not sure), but when I checked the stats, convoys cannot attack land units, and the land units there (AT and AA) cannot attack sea units. Is this supposed to be a bug? I know I should be posting this in bugs and issues, but I'm not sure if it's a bug.

  • Whoa, spiffolo! Fast and accurate too!

  • You can report this in the player's info page. There should be a button called "report player" and you could report him. As long as you give a description of the cheating as detailed as possible (it helps your case that way), the moderators can handle it for you.

  • The only way for Poland to even have a chance at victory: Be friends with everyone and be a new Switzerland. Which we all know is impossible. Maybe ally with either Germany or USSR, but it's very unlikely you'll have both.

  • Read my stats

    Little Racoon - - General Discussions


    I make assumptions in stats, and I often find people with seeming low stats but turn out to know exactly what they're doing. My stats have been increasing over the last few months, but I think the reason is I play too much of 22p and 10p. I think I've handled most situations in games pretty well, but to have a win ratio of over 50% is a bit ridiculous in my standards, even if I aimed for that. Therefore, I decided to put all my stats at risk of dramatically dropping by joining a 100p. Hopefully …

  • Well, I was waiting for construction to finish at a game today and I was pretty bored, so I decided to scroll to my ranking and see which players are near me in ranking. As I was clicking on into seemingly eternity, I realized that there could be an easier way to quickly go to your rank or to a specific rank that is beyond the first or last, especially because of the large player base. I think the search bar should be able to also type in rank number, so it immediately redirects to the page of t…

  • I don't have a wide variety of maps that I play, but I do like the following: - 100p World at War. Long term strategy, the great feeling when you conquered a bunch of land (then you realize you simply just beat one human player with loads of land), and of course, the massive stacks of armies. Only thing I don't like is the high probability of golders and the disappointment when you lose to one (c'mon, I wasted days for this?) - 10p Road to War. Quick, intense gameplay (although the inactivity is…

  • Day 48 of no activity

    Little Racoon - - General Discussions


    I usually see stacks of interceptors, not ATOMIC BOMBERS! That's gonna be a deterrent for any who wishes to invade the lands of Algeria. Well, kinda curious that the AI can keep the country running despite the heavy deficit.

  • I think you have to think of one more thing: cost efficiency. Sure, the TD is more powerful than the AT, but at desperate points, you have no other choice than ATs. TDs are for people who are prepared for an assault/assaulting people, while AT are just a last resort to delay the offensive of the opponent (their cheapness and speed to produce). Also, because ATs are cheap, they can be used as cannon fodder or to wreak havoc with a large number and spreaded out.

  • It's really rare to see two golders fighting each other, but I'm sure it's a fun fight (as long if you're just a bystander, btw). Just hearing these seems really interesting, and definitely a huge money boost for Bytro. P.S: I never knew MauriP was a golder judging from his stats. I thought he was this really OP player that I aim to be like. Dang, now I have to find another role model to try to reach that kind of stats.

  • I build around 21 airports per game. Some are more, like the 100ps, while others are less, like historical or 10ps. However, I'm quite surprised I build forts more than I build infra, naval bases, barracks, airports, and nuke reactors combined (average of 63 per game compared with 54 per game). Probably because I build lots of lvl 1 forts when I have a massive surplus of supplies (I don't even know why I do that).