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  • missing sea transports

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    Naval transports are automatic. They do not need to be built. Simply order your land units to move onto or across the water and a naval transport will automatically be generated to conduct them across.

  • The easiest way to explain the defense numbers is by thinking of them as return fire numbers. So when an airplane attacks an AA, the Airplane causes damage to the infantry units using their attack stats, and the AA returns fire on the airplane using the defense stats against planes. Of course as mentioned above, the return fire / defense against planes does not matter with rockets higher than level 2, as they cannot be shot down.

  • New Game Mode Idea

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    Indeed New World Empires is also a Bytro game, using the same game engine. Your same account works there, simply log in with your Call of War username and Password. There also used to be another game perhaps more like you are looking for: Thirty Kingdoms was also in the family, but sadly was discontinued due to a lack of players and interest.

  • Bytro prides itself on a support staff that understands the players and the community by recruiting moderators and game operators from among the most active players. This leads to an understanding of issues and bugs that players report, and allows for the many languages that Call of War is available in to be moderated and supported by staff familiar with that language, and interested in the game. The job of support staff is to answer questions of players and assist them with issues, and as such …

  • Quote from gusv: “Here is another shot at trying to get a more representative and/or balanced ('Europe- Road to War Map')- just using geography, not politics ... Western bloc: USA UK France Spain Sweden Eastern bloc: Soviet Union Germany Italy Turkey Yugoslavia ” With this map 3 days of peace is too long in my opinion. It will lead to a trench war with a line of forts and a lot of "shoot and scoot" by artillery at each other's fort. Slow, painful, annoying game that would be with 3 days peace. N…

  • Likely a reference to Ivan the Terrible, Tzar of Russia 1547 to 1584.

  • Quote from Please fill this field: “Mods can only report this problem to someone above them. ” This is true in these cases, It would have to come to senior support staff. In your correspondence will be a ticket ID number, such as ABC-123456. Please provide it to me and I will look into the handling of that ticket.

  • Quote from EZ Dolittle: “Looks like France is in a world of hurt. ” That is a possibility, but it depends on how the team plays it. For example you could have all the starting troops of Usa, UK, and Sweden come to France for the end of peace. That would give two armies to take on either Germany or Spain, while 2 defended. Naturally this would give the opposing side a chance to put the pressure of 3 countries on the German/France border as well. So results are not guaranteed, It would depend on t…

  • It is clear from our chat rules and game rules we do not allow the promotion of National Socialism or their key actors in the game chat. forum or games. As explained above some forms of this are illegal in Germany, where this game is based. Quote from JesterTheSheep: “see something, say something. ” Exactly Quote from Please fill this field: “Reported this twice, and get response that "moderators the take appropriate care of that problem". That was three weeks ago. ” I expect it is likely that t…

  • not active

    VorlonFCW - - Bug Reports and Issues


    When the game ends by timer or retirement the victory will be given to the entity with the most victory points. If that is a country that is not an active player, then the player will receive nothing for a reward or statistic added to their record.

  • My advice is to always patrol, and never use direct attacks. Once you meet someone who knows how to use rockets you will understand my tip. For safety gather all of the individual groups into the same exact place when patrolling that way they defend each other.

  • Please send in a bug report from the lower right corner of your game and we can take a look at it. Likely means that your server is running a bit slow and not registering your orders as quickly as you would like. We can reset it and see if the performance that you expect will return.

  • Quote from KrestelGaming: “Is it possible for a round to end after a certain day is reached without anyone reaching the required VPs needed to win? ” Many event games have a 28 day limit on them, and will automatically end at that point.

  • Updated naval units?

    VorlonFCW - - Questions and Answers


    Quote from PrussianKingWilhelm: “are we going to get updated naval units as well? ” Yes.

  • Certainly the AI will have to be adjusted for the 1.5 balancing. As the 1.5 is only going to be events for a while I am not sure if it can be a separate AI routine for 1.5 games or not

  • That feature is not available on mobile. You could use your phone's browser and switch it to desktop mode so that you can utilize desktop only features.

  • Swift strike

    VorlonFCW - - Questions and Answers


    The swift strike event utilizes the tutorial 22 base map. The first time I played the swift strike event I also had issues with resources until I realized just how often I needed to focus on building for resource production. In a regular speed game I typically focus heavily on economy every other day. With the swift strike that translates to needing to consider economy every few hours. If you don’t have something building in multiple food provinces all the time, then you are falling behind.

  • Join the support team

    VorlonFCW - - Support Team


    Quote from nmgames4: “Why is there a required age of 18? ” The minimum age is necessary in order to legally sign the non-disclosure agreement in accordance with EU privacy laws.

  • Increasing Popularity

    VorlonFCW - - Questions and Answers


    Might not be the best way, but I have found that going inactive seems to end most wars and if you come back next week you have Row with everyone again. Now I have not tried this in an extreme situation like you find yourself, so I can’t say for sure that will work Of course the other consequences of letting the ai sell all your food and build stupidly for several days need consideration as well.

  • There isn’t a mechanism for changing the name, but for namable units you can give them a name when production is started. The option will appear that you can utilize or simply skip.