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  • I have not been able to due Production or build queue even after becoming a member is there a trick to this or a glitch i am in 5 different games and none of them will Queue anything ?

  • okay so far here is where i am at. the browser is Cometbird, and this i think might be the issue i just set up my wife's Lap Top and it seems fine got my messages/trades and now researching some. going to download Chrome on mine later today. Thank everyone for the Help and a big Thank you to Young who has been working with me on this issue.

  • Here is a Screen shot of how my Research comes up, Remember i have never done any at all so this is why i can Messages and Trades are the same way i can not receive.

  • I have Several game issues with this game, Research i can not do,When i click on it it brings up the two free slots and shows Mech. unit lv 3 to go to lv 4 but i have NEVER Researched anything due to this and it also says Duration 1 day 12 hrs. and under that in RED it say from day 36, . Another issue is on my Diplomacy Tab for Messages and Trades i can not read them there. messages i can get from home page but can get no Trades to come through. Another issue is trying to read most of the game l…