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  • My ally sent bomber with nuclear weapons on enemy army. He lost this bomber, but did not cause any damage to enemy. Its bug? or enemy AA units shoot first?

  • Air combat

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    I have another question. Enemy planes are patrolling, my planes stand on patrol in radius of his planes. After more than 30 minutes, I lose my planes, but he is not, why? I am trying to attack a specific planes, get response from all the enemies on patrol apparently How better to shoot down planes that are on patrol earlier you ? There is a detailed guide on air combat? Thank you )

  • I Confirm. Lost 5 rocket (all launched), trying to attack the city, which covers by several dozen enemy planes. There is another bug(?) with rockets. When rocket hit to enemy units, which were on territory of my ally - war begins.

  • Also interesting. My enemy has huge army. near 400 units, but has 0 food and 0 oil. Will there be any penalties for his army?

  • You only live twice

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    Thank you very much Devs for Self-propelled Anti Tank but, why it's so slow: 32-26-13-26 on level 3 (after 157.5 hours of research)?

  • I vote for 5 players its really good for 100 players map. This is 'vote to end game in 100 person match' thread? Right?

  • Quote from _Pontus_: “Quote from Kvabar: “War with infantry, finally. ” Your country must be very small that you want infantery. It will take you a week to cross my 800 prov empire....if not 2 weeks. That is w/o having to fight for each province. ” I have 586 provinces in North America, South America, Afrika, Middle East and Middle Eurasia And i want use motorized and mechanized infantry, and yes, its normal. This game - Call of WAR! not Call of Builders - build 10 factories, grab a couple of ci…

  • Thank you, DEVS. But what you do with it? i have aditional +300 food p/h now. On last day i'm has surrounded the AI player and wait for when he builds palace (for capital) again I hope to a greater extent, this game will be - war, but not construction. War with infantry, finally.

  • Devs, are you read this thread? It will be great, if add option for disband units, soon It will greatly helps us with food issue on 100 players map. Thank you.

  • 25 p/h or 90 p/h? simple math One of the possible causes of food problem: captured provinces produce only 25% of the resources and their inhabitants consume 100% of food.

  • Quote from _Pontus_: “AT eats 70 compared to Inf 90... Not much of a saving , is it? ” Don't trolling me pls ) I wrote not only about guns. L.Tanks - 25 p/h Tanks - 45 p/h OTher - 50 p/h And finally one very important thing: you need 500 (350, 250) food to produce one infantry, and 0 for AT guns and other. When you have issue with food, any savings is important.

  • And further: all barracks are off and we don't train any infantry. Only tanks, АА & AT guns and artillery, mechanized guns, planes, ships Its normal wargame without infantry? (rhetorical)

  • My opinion on this issue, And possible causes of food problem.

  • Day 40 on our map. I have 514 provinces (864 VP) and 423 million inhabitants. Most of the time in the game I build factories, infrastructure, ports and bunkers in the provinces with food. However, this is not enough. Currently -159 per hour. I buy food from those countries who have little captured provinces. The same problems have enemies and allies. This game have food issue on 100 player map. If you do not have, may be you not big enough And one question - the people in captured provinces, the…

  • Quote from noblepeasant: “#1 Create a cooldown for gold use per province. If you spend gold in Detroit to rush a building, you cannot rush another building or unit for an hour. Some can rush 10 units if they have 10 ICs, but not 10 units from 1 IC. #2 Spending gold to rush research will not move the meter past 75% complete. The combination of this, and #1 prevents mass tacs on day 2, and ridiculous tech imbalance on day 8. #3 Remove all functionality for gold use on the espionage tab. Every sing…

  • Quote from _Pontus_: “You are playing for FREE. If a gold spammer destroys a map, he is simultaneously financing your FREE gaming. If you can't handle it and/or are not a good enough commander and/or diplomat: move to another map. BTW, gold-spammers normally are pretty bad players... ” I am not playing for FREE, i am ready to PAY for game, it's normal. BUT, i want the game, not competition of personal wallets

  • Greetings all. My suggestions: 1. We need to limit usage of gold, in my opinion. At now we can use gold for build any amount of buildings and military forces. We can build huge army immediately. If city was attacked, in this city we can build armies for gold during the battle, that would change the course of battle. And other, and other... This is not a game, this competition of personal wallets I offer introduce bonuses for gold, for example: +25% (or other number) to the production of resource…