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  • The meaning of "blank"

    Peter Mat - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Quote from grandpooba52: “only naval bombers can see subs not in combat and the excort ships easily took out the naval bombers ” Not that easily as he never developed or included cruisers in his naval builds, so it was elite NAV's vs. DD and both types of BB plus any subs that I never saw in the stack.

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “You sure there were not any subs in that stack? They wouldn't be visible without a patrol from a naval bomber, a spy report, or an engagement. ” I had a sub near the stack for viewing the stack and did not see any subs. It sounds like your telling me that subs can not see subs, which contradicts my earlier understanding. I had 10 NAV over the stack earlier in the day plus hit it with a stack of 5 subs while at work, but they were all shot down or sunk by my return, which I…

  • The meaning of "blank"

    Peter Mat - - Bug Reports and Issues


    All rockets and nuclear rockets have both an attack and defense value of "blank" versus subs. I interpret "blank" to mean 0. Whenever you fire either of these weapons at a stack that contains subs, the subs take no damage. However, in the case of nuclear battleships the "blank" appears to have a different meaning. Nuclear battleships have an attack and defense value versus subs of "blank". Last night I attacked 3 nuclear battleships that did not have an escort with an elite sub with attack/defen…

  • Trading provinces

    Peter Mat - - Bug Reports and Issues


    The manual work around is to exchange ROW with the country you wish to trade it to. Remove your troops, and have him move in theirs. Then set a peace for peace trade up but do not execute. Then he declares war, all the provinces are turned over and then accept peace. Hopefully somewhere along that timeline he gives you the resources you are requesting. It is a pain, but it is the easiest way to clean up borders and unwanted territory with another player. At the same time it avoids the unbalance …

  • Day 18 - Dropping 2 level one paras from Rhodes on 1 level one Infantry on Crete, Paras reduced to 80% and take the island.

  • Not bad, In the first two combat cycles the level 1 para dropped to 60% health while the militia dropped to 14%. Both were at 100% to start. The battle took place on (Cypress) Nicosia. Para ended the battle at 53% Range wise I could reach Cypress or Rhodes, but not Crete. It looks like once Rhodes is captured I will be able to reach Crete. Within turkey the level 1 can drop 1 province away and in a couple instances it will be able to drop 2.

  • Thanks, now that the loop has been fixed and I researched para's twice I can finally drop one on a militia unit to see how well they stack up in a battle. Day 12 in my game now, getting ready to turn 13. Also I have noticed the Beta games are taking an extremely long time The artistic visual stays up a long time, while some of the menu items pop on the screen. Eventually the map loads.

  • Note there is now a loop in Beta. I went to load and received the "we just improved the game, reload....." and every time I reload it tells me the game has just been improved and to reload.

  • You should also require one to research the airplane. It is comical that you can build a paratrooper and never know how to build a plane.

  • Quote from cerealnerd: “I come back today and all my research is gone; I need to do it again. ” Yep, I just found the same thing. Need to do the research all over again. Capital problem either got solved or did not exist on mobile devices. I was able to build with my mobile device, but have not retried on PC.

  • Very disappointing, all the barracks and airbases are upgraded and there is a bug that will not allow me to move my capital. Unless they fix the move capital bug, I will be a week away before my current capital city will have everything for the build. To add insult I received a survey today asking how I like them, and most of the required questions can't be answered as I can't move the Capital. sigh

  • I just submitted a bug report. I went to rebuild my capital in the city where I have been gearing up for paras (level 3 Airport and Barracks), and received an error message and the game will not allow me to move my capital. Hopefully they can fix the bug before I leave for work tomorrow so I can kick off Capital movement as the para's are in the research cooker.

  • As already posted, I believe the range will be to short at level 1. The extra 25 to 50 KM I suggested might get them to a usable distance, assuming they have to drop on the province center, which brings up a question. Will they only be able to drop on a province center or can you target their drop to be onto a non moving unit? One possible employment I was thinking about is dropping them on RRG's or ART that are sitting behind beaches but not on province centers defending beachheads at range. Th…

  • Interesting sidenote, you can research and produce paratroopers and never develop the airplane. I'm surprised TAC Bomber is not a requisite to research the unit.

  • Construction: An interesting set of tradeoffs for the person who wants paratroopers early. I calculate just over 6 1/2 days to build the infrastructure required to build a paratrooper if you do that in your capital and forgo the resources your starting capital produces. I am trying an alternate route of building the infrastructure required (lvl 3 Airbase and Barracks) in a different province and then moving my capital there (add another 12 hours). Of course you loose the resource production bonu…

  • So long as you split the stacks prior to the targets being in range, ou should be able to designate targets individually. Once the group as a whole has fired, you will have a one hour wait (or remaining portion of) on everyone before individual targeting will fire.

  • As do NAV Bombers

  • When I saw the new rare last week I thought at first it was a cow skull, then I thought maybe bauxite or processed bauxite to represent aluminum. But I do not know what any of those really look like, other than a cow skull. I liked the new oil drum. The clouds were an interesting effect. A couple of times in my last FP game I had to wait for the cloud cover to pass before I could find my unit to click on it, or maybe I was trying to do some fine movement and couldn't see the ground properly for …

  • New Event - All Countries: All In

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    Quote from Little Racoon: “I would really wanna join another one, but unforturnately I don't have enough time. I would REALLY like this as a system game like the 100p every now and then and make the 25p available for player-create again. I would DEFINITELY want to try out Danzig. I mean if I get wiped out early on, doesn't affect my stats much, and if I get Poland, I get a sense of achievement. ” If not offered, something you can do. 4 or 5 friends and I set up a 25 historic map and no one was a…

  • Doesn't day change also have to occur after the last province falls, which provides a brief window to take a province?