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  • A new game????

    kiesa123987 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    Hey guys, I know that the title of this thread has attracted you to read this. Now you can read my idea. I think CoW creators should create a new game that is similar to call of war with it's style but it contains modern ages. I can say more if you agree with me and are interested in. What do you think, players? P.s. don't write that leadership is solving problems and bla bla. LEADERSHIP IS NOT SOLVING PROBLEMS. GOLD IS SOLVING PROBLEMS. THE DAY THAT SOLDIERS STOP BRINGING YOU THEIR PROBLEMS IS …

  • I have some suggestions about European armies too, but for now only about Lithuania (hopefully one day it will be playable). Actually, in 1939 Lithuania had 3 infantry divisions, not only a few regiments as I saw in historical maps.

  • Military unit sizes

    kiesa123987 - - Questions and Answers


    Dear CoW players, we all now that division or flotilla wasn't the biggest military units by their sizes. I've noticed that I can send tones of regiments or squardons into one place, the name doesn't change. So I think this is a wrong thing. I offer to call units bigger than division corps. I think, that a land unit that is made from more than 20 regiments, should be called corps, not division. When the unit reaches +100 regiments (hardly possible) it should be called army. What do you think guys…

  • Hello, I've talked to a lot of CoW players and finally I'm done, I want you to tell what they want. We all know that there weren't only big countries like Germany, France, Italy and etc. in the world. Small countries like Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Netherlands and others took a very important place in WW2 too. Players that have talked to me were very sad about it, they can't play their favourite countries, others just want to try somethink new in CoW. I actually want it too, I want to t…