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  • Quote from Dramos: “What we need is to make this game adaptable for players who only play in the morning and night sadly not everyone has time to play ” since alot of actions take multiple hours, like building upgrades and unit fighting, you can spend alot of time away without being at an advantage, if you build a bunch of infrastructures to increase you resource income then go to sleep, they will probably still be building when you wake up

  • Rockets

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    also does hitting enemy territories with regular rockets cause morale penalty, seeing as theres a morale penalty for enemy troops and being hit with nukes

  • Personalities playing CoW

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    i am ESTP-A "entrepreneur" i dont know what that means, i dont want to make my own business

  • You all got the blues

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    this wasn't a big update, just added some more stuff to spend gold on and fixes some bugs, i would like to see more benefits to high command, its not really that appealing compared to just using gold, maybe queued research that would be good to have

  • also if they have interceptors push land units with antiair, antiair is quite effective against tac bombers especially with other units soaking damage, and they cant potect with interceptors

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “I did not get to experience a speedround, but I would like to. I spend way too much time playing this game. I do think that the simple 8x speed increase is not enough for us addicts. I propose a 60x increase, where everything that takes an hour at regular speed takes a minute at 60x speed. That would condense a 30 day span into 12 hours ” no 8 times is enough to have everyone online consistantly, but already is hard to manage all the server actions that fast, 60* would hav…

  • wait strategic bombers?! they deal decent building damage over time however cant cope with intercectors/anti air so in situations where strategic bombers can be used rockets and nuke bombers are more effective, seeing as how they deal much more damage early and late game i think you might be refering to nuclear bombers, which require lvl 3 strategic bomber research and are very strong if you arent prepared for it with interceptors/ anti air

  • Quote from MontanaBB: “Quote from injinji: “rocket lv.1 and 2 are the same price, but 2 is superior, so this is pointless ” Exactly right. Separating the buzz bombs and the ballistic rockets into two separate tech trees is pointless. And, please, let's not even consider adding suicide weapons to the list of in-game units. If you want a suicide weapon, all you have to do is leave your tactical bomber stack hovering over a big stack of ground units which includes 8 or 9 high-level AA regiments, an…

  • huh thats pretty good, also was there an update that make patrolling planes circle the location? its a good addition

  • 50+? care to show some proof, maybe a screenshot?

  • fixed without me doing anything, guess its a bug

  • few questions

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    1: if units are moving but not in combat do they regenerate morale/hp 2:if enemy units come in range of ranged units ie artillary or battleships, will they automatically attack the enemy units and will it get the attacking or defending stats? 3:do spies get paid throughout the day or at day change, is there a difference between keeping my spies working constantly or only turning them on lose to day change to lower cost it they get paid over time

  • yes, it takes weeks to build an army, these rounds last months, i dont understand why you want to be able to build stuff faster, this is a pick up and put down game you check up on every few hours, theres a reason you can queue so much, also yes economy management is intentionally difficult to add a knowledge cap to reward players that build there infrastructure well, if economy was easier to manage then players would able to spam units without limits

  • hey when i used to play there was a feature on the newspaper map that showed flames where combat was taking place which allowed you to easily find out where other players are fighting and plan in advance, but now i cant see that in the 100 player game im in, was this removed? is there an option to turn it back on? i understance that on larger maps it would be more processor intensive but it should be allowed for people to use i think?

  • yeah but i dont like only having four industrial complexes because it means low unit production early on and stuff like research takes longer

  • thank you, i wish i played against better opponents that wouldn't be outmatched so easily so this wouldn't happen

  • i have had games where after say day 16 the winner of the game is obvious but you have to wait weeks in order to clear out all of the countries in order to reach that massively high victory point. the first time i had this problem i was playing as spain and the turkey (the second active player) was significantly smaller and less powerful than me, so i spent weeks clearing out ai with no real challenge and this time the other online player is yukoslavia and since day 20 i am more than double the …

  • if a game was ended then it meant that you met the victory point limit or there were no active players, including you. moderators dont end maps i dont think. if you want your gold back then you should try talking to support but i dont know if they can compensate you.

  • yep im on both lists