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  • I too agree the alliance system is a good way to get a group together of friends and a common meeting place. That does in a sense still limit us on who we can have easy and direct contact with if some friends are not in our alliance. Many new players are looking for something/someone to latch onto so that they feel more at home here, more connected. I don't have any specific ideas about how this would work but simply a system where you can add people to a list that may show them online or help r…

  • I possibly should have done a search but I didn't see anything in the first couple pages so . . . A friends system of some sort would be a boon for the game and community. If it has been mentioned before, I can't imagine how not, it bears mentioning again. No one will ever know what you would like if you don't ever tell them. Game is great, love the team, appreciate all that take part in making it a fun experience. Cheers

  • Excellent post and spot on. I have done testing to confirm every mechanic listed above. The one theory I did have however is that the amount healed is not randomly rounded up or down but added to the exact hit point value of the unit/stack. Thus, at times a unit that is at 94% and exactly xx.0 hp it will only be xx.9 hp after day change, remaining 94%. Hope I explained it properly and just a theory as I have not crunched the numbers on it. I just assumed that random rounding up and down was odd …

  • Staff introduction BMfox

    Genghis Khanson - - Support Team


    Glad to be working with you Mr. fox!

  • Hello again all! Wanted to re introduce myself as a returning moderator and let you know a little bit about me if you do not know already. Have played Call of War on and off for three years now and enjoy it thoroughly. Playing Supremacy 1914 for a couple years gave me a good, solid base from which to learn the intricacies of this game. The experience I have accrued here and the many people that helped me along the way have given me a wealth of game knowledge I look forward to sharing. Have playe…

  • you rawk mate

  • Thank you Quasi, I have used that method also.

  • Here are the max numbers for unit type stacks to achieve 100% SBDE at 100% morale. List compiled by BRDubbs, thank you mate!! WildL, Any chance you can paste this list at the bottom of your initial explanation and delete this message? Let me know and thanks. i. Aircraft – Interceptor – 5 ii. Aircraft – Naval Bomber - 5 iii. Aircraft – Strategic bomber – 5 iv. Aircraft – Tactical bomber - 5 v. Anti air – 8 vi. Anti air – SP – 6 vii. Anti tank – 8 viii. Artillery - 8 ix. Artillery – SP – 6 x. Armo…

  • Plane bug

    Genghis Khanson - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Have not had that issue or been able to reproduce it. The only time my battle updates lag is when I am off that tab and go back to it. If it is an issue and your units are not engaging/being engaged properly please do submit a support ticket if you have not already

  • Take 25 militia and try and defend a whole country starting on day one, not gonna happen lol. Infantry are good at sitting in one spot defending . . . that is it, period. You have to move them? Takes forever. Need to attack with them? Don't . . ever. lol I've thought about a few different ideas to balance and maybe even doing inf vs commandos. Not sure if a game can be set up that way but we can ask. Or as mentioned above, zombies militia and human infantry. Zombies would need to far outnumber t…

  • Was a good alpha run, we can discuss and fine tune what may balance things a little more for next run. Cheers, thanks again ST appreciate you taking the time to set this up.

  • Don't go anywhere Andrew G, chances are you will get a slot to open up. Few people have not shown up yet.

  • No peace period that I saw. Not sure about attacking team mates I would assume no.

  • I'm in np gtg

  • I can sit out if you'd like to get Lizzy in on this first. Let me know, I'm game for either.

  • RRAA Ooooo ara rRAaAa ORrr!!

  • I'm in mate wherever you need me

  • I would actually suggest Firefox. Try that first if possible and then bug report if you see no improvement. It is possible lag could have been an issue as well. G

  • I'm interested in helping people with the game, not YouTube subscriber's. Please stay on topic.

  • "Snap" makes your mouse jump to a city center location when using the march move command. It is a game mechanic to make it easier to march move to a city center. Move the truck through your city, when the truck orientation is "vertical", use march and select the city center, it will reset