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  • Just send your initial infantry into some hellhole to get slaughtered, build tanks instead, and you' ll be fine. Actually, that' s not serious advice.

  • Well, as a report, playing two maps now, both with Ontario by some weird stroke of chance, on the 100p and 99p event maps, both control about a third of North America, one also starting to expand in Europe (Ireland, UK), and not a single revolt happened so far. Thought it had been changed in my few months absence

  • lol, you realize the tanks on the map represent regiments, right? Maybe seven PIECES of these units were built (if even that), but never seven REGIMENTS of over 100 tanks each...

  • Fun fact: the most feared and famous German anti-tank gun in the war was the 88mm... ANTI AIR gun. It was even operated by the Luftwaffe (i.e. air force) instead of the army, which led to command issues sometimes.

  • conquered capitals

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    Also, when you conquer many capitals, your morale gets boosted a LOT anyway.

  • Invisible carriers

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    This has been like this forever. A workaround is to select both groups you want to merge, then move them together to a new location, slightly away from either. When they both arrive there, they will merge into one group.

  • Historically accurate doesn' t mean that they will be a good addition to the game. Heavy tanks are already an impopular unit; super-heavy even less so.

  • The Blame Game

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    Being created!

  • The Blame Game

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    Time for some shameless self-promotion... for anyone wondering where I've been lately, been busy recording music... published my first song yesterday, please find it here: Let me know what you think!

  • The advisors are just meant as some fluff, pointing in useful directions when starting the game as a noob. They aren' t meant as serious advice for actual gameplay; after all, that is your own fun, as a gamer. Or would you like a screen full of " click here" buttons, and if you do, you are very succesfull?

  • No matter how this would be implemented, it would either be OP or not worth it, just adding an unneeded level of complexity. Current rpair level is 15% of missing points per day, which is NO WAY near being useful. If you add a mechanism to make that 25% when paying attention to it, it probably wouldn' t be enough either. Making that 50% would be OP though. See the point? How do you balance that fine line somewhere in between, and for example, make sure it works on all maps?

  • There' s a fine balance between automating things and actually making the game be played redundant. I' m on the left side of that equasion personally. Automate too much stuff, figure out how to circumvent it when your opponent does it, and what remains is a boring game against the AI.

  • Quote from Edepedable: “Quote from K.Rokossovski: “ ” Infantry is just never a good investment for your manpower. So, making them cost more initial manpower when training them is not a good thing. ” Again, you continue to pretend that all other resources except manpower are free. It's like saying that infantry has infinite power-per-oil, because it has zero oil cost, so that it is infinitely better to build than tanks or planes. It is true, but also highly misleading.

  • Quote from Edepedable: “Quote from K.Rokossovski: “ ” As far as your resources in the screenshot you sent, it means very little without knowing how many provinces you control through conquest and what buildings you have been building so far. I do notice the +875 manpower and that is much, much higher than I am used to on any map really. But, this number also really does not say a lot without knowing what troops you have (due to upkeep). I wonder what % of your total troop count is made up of the…

  • This is from a 100p speed map I'm currently playing. It started last tuesday and is in day 16 now. Most continents aren' t consolidated, and only 2-3 nations have bridgeheads on a second. 5d1f6632985e72beec6c644e14daeeae I rest my case.

  • There several flaws in your reasoning. If manpower is your bottleneck, it is due to YOUR build-up schedule; for my schedule, I rarely have manpower problems, while early rares and goods problems are serious, followed by food and oil later on. If you finish your resources on low-manpower units (tanks, ships, planes), you are left with a quite adequate pool of manpower. Only when you build lots of guns (arty, AA, AT) you will constantly be out of manpower. And yes, you need more guns as the compet…

  • Quote from Edepedable: “Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Manpower is just one of the resources needed. Tanks and planes are capped by other resources. And yeah, if you have relatively low manpower, higher tech units will still be the way to go. ” You just described the start of every map, manpower is the first thing you run out of. Oil upkeep is around 100 when a map starts, so the upkeep is not what will stop you from buildig tanks and planes.Lack of manpower will make every player start building pla…

  • Quote from Hans A. Pils: “just like in reality, where they played a bigger role in the 1930s and only a minor one in the 1940s. ” Erm, scuse me? Maginot? Kursk perimeter? Atlantikwall? Siegfried line? The point of forts not being popular, is that this game is all about attacking and expansion. Tactically, it sometimes has a point to defend, but once you start concentrating on strategic defense, you have basically lost already. And yeah, forts are mainly strategic weapons due to build time. To se…

  • Manpower is just one of the resources needed. Tanks and planes are capped by other resources. And yeah, if you have relatively low manpower, higher tech units will still be the way to go.

  • Only their name is wrong - it should be "elite infantry" - mountaineers, rangers, SS, guards, etc. They would STILL have too high stats, but at least they would be front-line.