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  • Player Name: Elitist Beaver Discord Username: Drunkassbeaver Roleplay Example: From the Europa NWE RP: "The Artic voyage seemingly had been cursed Reginald Hinchcliffe thought to himself. First the atlantic storm broke their mast, and now only 2 weeks out of St.Johns they were lost in fog, barely being able to dodge icebergs and islands Captain Hinchcliffe ordered the ship to turn south, hoping to land in Algonquin territory in the north or maybe to enter Hudson Bay. But instead within hours in …

  • Application Player Name: Elitist Beaver44 I hereby agree to follow all of the rules and guidelines presented within this roleplay as well as any future rules or guidelines that are created. I Agree I agree to be expelled from the Roleplay if I repeatably break the rules and/or refuse to cooperate with the Roleplay's Staff. I Agree Faction Information If you are signing up for an already made faction please leave the description blank Faction Name: East Coast BOS Starting Country: Pennsylvania Fa…

  • Airborne Units in CoW

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    Please add airborne units!!! It's a lovely idea, truely smashing!

  • Is Mexico still available? If not, whats still available? Mexico or Burma?