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  • Quote from iNot_here: “I got chat banned for no apparent reason at all user is iNot_here ” I do not see anything in our system for a chat ban.

  • I have asked the devs to take a look.

  • Quote from Mr.Itspossible: “Hello, thank you for your answer but... 1) Of course it's not in my list, as I was rejected for no activity, altough I've chosen a country. This is a problem. There is even game info to report this kind of bugs//errors 2)Now I can login but I can't do nothing - can't click anything... ” Please submit a support ticket, so that a Game Operator can enter the game and figure things out for you.

  • Invisible carriers

    PrinceofHonor - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Please submit a ticket in-game that this is happening on so we can check it out.

  • Quote from Mr.Itspossible: “Hello, I can't login to following two games: I) Game Number: 3006721 In Game Name: Mr.Itspossible What is preventing you to get inside your game: I wanted to start a new game. It took me to chossing country panel. I've took Australia. It started to download, bot with no success. Web error comunicate appeared. Picture if possible: Haven'y thought about that at the moment II) Game Number: 3004039 In Game Name: Mr.Itspossible What is preventing you to get inside your gam…

  • Quote from Urboy69: “So my account got baned I don't really no how explain it but one day at lunch me and my friends u no guffen around and was like o I'm going to report u just for fun I'm not a cheater on God mabye me using vpn I don't know I just want my account back pls Deeznuts 6969 ” You should have gotten a message from staff on what happened and how to solve this. You may contact Eminem2891 in a forum conversation above as well.

  • 2 bugs

    PrinceofHonor - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Please submit a bug report, we can't enter your game unless we have a ticket. Once you have submitted one please allow us time to look in to the issue and reply back. We have a response time of 72 hours from when you report to when you should have an answer from us, we usually have tickets caught up faster then that.

  • Quote from Astilis: “Can't access games 2957538, 2940630, 2957500 and 2960463. Game 2,957,538 can temporarily not be accessed. Please try again in a few minutes. ” Is this still a problem? Have you submitted a bug report so a Game Operator can take a look?

  • Lets keep it civil please, everyone has a right to their thoughts and opinions. If you can't get along just agree to disagree, we can see your thoughts and opinions now move along.

  • Fighting the normal AI didn't do anything to achievements and such, the Elite AI last I knew counted as if you were playing a regular player.

  • The Elite AI isn't anything new, it use to be a gold function of maps that required a fee in gold to play those rounds. Since then all the devs did was make it so the regular AI was more challenging to all players. It does take time to figure out and not be on the bad side of the AI's, but I have done it. Those that like to invade at the start will find it hard as they will rack up low popularity fast. I usually look for those that offer me right of way and then look at who they are at war, you …

  • Here is from another post on this issue posted by Frenzy: Actions that improve your popularity with elite AI: - being enemy with their enemies - being friends (good diplomatic relations) with them and their friends - trading with them - getting war declared on you (added Nov 27th 2019) Actions that decrease your popularity with elite AI: - having peace or better relations with their enemies - having bad diplomatic relations or war with them or their friends - starting new wars without declaring …

  • Quote from Meatballsngravy: “Games: #2950445 #2956001 #2938227 Not loading, just goes back to home page. ” These games are loading just fine for me, please verify. Clear your cashe files first then try loading.

  • Quote from Skorzeny: “Game 2942470 not loading ” I do not see any games under this username, is the forum name and your username the same. If it isn't please give me the username.

  • You may hold down the right mouse button and circle the area to select the units. Sometimes a "triangle" motion works better than a circle motion. This will make a gray shadow and select all the units in the loop. In the case of planes: Having the circle include the airbase or carrier they are stationed from is necessary. You will then need to use the split command to separate the planes from the carrier or units at the airfield. Or, For units with a known designation, such as AB12, you can use …

  • Quote from Steve_The_Tyke: “Oh I tried very hard to use the Report button but it wouldn't work. I could enter the game but there were vertical image lines once I moved west of LA (my Capitol) and even the Navy Bombers that were heading for the Carrier, couldn't find it and returned to a land base. Thankfully it was resolved by a colleague which is appreciated. So the scenario was the map loaded, sometimes, but if I moved west, the error meessage came up, I could no longer move the map and the Re…

  • One thing that I notice is you mention the terrain is hills, you are attacking with tanks against an infantry unit on terrain that is good for them and not for your tanks. Also, if you are attacking them and they are in their cores they will have a bonus and such, after all this we have the xfactor which will account for some randomness to the outcome. Also, every time you attack they get a counter attack, pretty sure you take a penalty to attack and they get a bonus to defend.

  • That might just be the case didn't see that until just now.

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “I see that you can contact support to change it but I think that you have to give them 3 names to choose. Which might not be Zippofish. ” No we have tried to change it and the system seems to have something against the lower case i.

  • Quote from Zippofish: “That’s really strange. But, it’s not really a big issue for me. I know you guys probably got issues more worthy of your attention. I still think it changed at some point, even though the only screenshot I have from about a week ago show it as it is now, I feel I seen it the way I thought it was. ” Even if it did it will not allow me to do anything with your name, I have tried and tried several times. Not sure what it has against that lower case i, will see if maybe one of …