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  • Bytro & Fair Play

    ET hop - - Questions and Answers


    I don't understand exactly. if you want a challenge with no gold between 2 alliance, you have the world alliance championship. No other way. "I'm a high level staffer"... you'r kidding, when a staffer are playing they can't use their position to have a greater impact on your mind. When a staffer play, it's a player like you. If you have a screenshot, report him. No other way. Ps: he can say you i'm a staffer but not use of it.

  • What an exeptionnal player for you bro?

  • No, both... Ressource production: exept in some specific event, i don't think it's a good idea to increase production. It's the limiting factor for producting unit. Develop your économic power first and you can win the war. Think price/earning ratio for each building, etc... time for research: long time research means to anticipate the other player move. In one game an other player make a good move... it means 3 days for research for producting specific weapon... He can win the game during this …