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  • In the newest update on Tuesday the penalties for attacking, getting attacked and declaring war will be adjusted.

  • I don't attack inactive players but save them for later for dessert. I only attack active players, only active players can take the win from you so every active player you annihilate is one more step closer to the win. AI you can attack anytime at the game. I safe those for the end game.

  • Correct, because you override the system that blocks prohibited names.

  • Quote from Somanta: “I made a group of 7 tanks and 8 motorized infantry and another of 3 tank destroyers and 7 tanks, I sent them yesterday to conquer a country, human player, the first one to the cities, the second one to rural provinces. He has moved well, but this is not 1.0, so he "crashed" against my "megadivisions" with smaller groups. At the morning he was erased. Before, you needed to mind where attack, when, use the right type of unit, aircraft support, bigger groups of the same unit ha…

  • I'm pretty sure B o o t y licious is offensive, sexual and prohibited

  • Maybe add a link to the Air Combat guide for those who want to go more advanced?

  • Makes perfect sense. I don't know how it would be implemented and programmed as the fog of war or scope depends on the troops type and is one of its properties. Terrain by itself can't have a scope until there are units on it. So there should be some activation code that triggers the scope also depending on the troop type. It sounds like a lot of work to change a minor game detail.

  • Gee, I love the inactivity in games

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    Become a frontline pioneer, those games are much more active. However you need to be level 40 to do so.

  • Call of War Jokes

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    Quote from KrestelGaming: “Why did the player who was playing as Germany go inactive? (Hidden Content) ” Your message is borderline, after internal discussion we decided not to act because you ment it as an innocent joke. However don't post these kind of messages again.

  • Gold swarms?

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    Gold is implemented in the game and you can use it to get extra advantages. As every new player receives a nice amount of it they tend to use it all in their first game which is,... yes the tutorial

  • Please go easy on the caps

  • Dev Diary #1: Call of War 1.5

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    Quote from Nooberium: “Risk is truly a game for the simple minded. Theoretically, Call of War is great game because it combines economy, a research tree, choice of troops to deploy, tactical considerations and diplomatic relations. All of these dimensions are inter-related so strategy must consider them all and decisions often involve trade-offs. Depth and nuance in these dimensions makes the game interesting. In practice, ... (insert complaints here) The search for the optimum implementation se…

  • Would be very usefull when playing with Spain, Turkey or UK for example.

  • Please use the official 1,5 threads to communicate about the changes. We don't want 10 threads all about the same subject. This topic is now closed and will be deleted in 24 hours please copy paste your post here in the official thread.

  • Please use the official 1,5 threads to communicate about the changes. We don't want 10 threads all about the same subject. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,

  • The planes fight only on 25% when on patrol because 25% is flying back to refuel, 25% is refueling, 25% is flying to battle after refueling. Of course when you patrol you can't see that but every plane represents an entire squadron.

  • Call of War 1.5: Mechanics & New Balancing

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    I'd like to give some feedback about the 1,5 version that was launched 3 days ago. Buildings: - Specializing the building according to each troop type is realistic and it is how it works in the industry. - It gives the possibility to specialize per troop type per city. Manpower: - I'm happy that the use of manpower has been used more realistically. However why manpower for building? Yes you temporarily need labor to produce all the building part and to construct the building. However when the co…

  • Quote from Nooberium: “This is a good guide but be warned: the newspaper does not report all casualties. When I've killed medium to large stacks, not unusual for reported casualties to be less than starting count. ” Yes, I've got the same experience.

  • 1.5 New Game Mode Needed

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    Thank you for your reaction, i will close this post an give you 24 hours time to copy paste it in one of the official COW 1,5 threads. We don't want 10 threads about the same subject.

  • Your Troop Compositions?

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    Early game: Artillery, LT, interceptors and submarines/destroyers Mid game: Commando's, SP artillery, Medium tank, Motorized infantry, Interceptors, Tactical bombers, Submarines/destroyer End game: Mechanized infantry and the above.