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  • It can be a strategy game.. just with slightly faster units.. this may fix the OP artillery. Speeding up units would increase the daily buy in.. currently it so slow that its minimal strategy and you can come in and make moves and come back again tomorrow.

  • Phone vs Computer

    TombKing20 - - Suggestions / Criticism


    I've noticed different gold deals on these platforms.. I never buy on my phone anymore.

  • Alright so I have played various game types and different game modes over the last month and I figured it was about time that I came for a few suggestions/criticisms: 1. The game speed is painfully slow in standard format. I know there are games where you have accelerated gameplay but those should probably be more of the norm. A lot of internet users today likely lose interest in the game without quantifiable results in a timely manner. My favorite game was the 10x speed trial but those punctuat…