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  • IDEA! For the game!

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    Hello , the game chat conversation should have 1 more extra in it. the group chat for your allies and with that a minimap of the "world" in where you should be able to drag lines from A to B to plan the war strategy. and below that map should stand the group chat box what is seen only who has been added or invited to this allie-based chat. and someone please check my translator/member application please!!

  • Hello my name is kevin and i would like to become a member and a translator in this game. Im from estonia but i can proorly speak also russian and findland language. My idea is to make the game completly into estonian language! I can also provide estonian language support. im 23 years old, my name is kevin and my skype is: netikevin1 best regards, kevin

  • page is down

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    when does it end? i have other plans too