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  • Any ETA? On the bright side, if resource generation is unaffected I should be able to repair a couple factories when it's back up.

  • FYI there is no means to submit a bug report outside of the game that I can find in the mobile version. Additionally, the one time I tried to submit a bug report in game in the mobile version it did not work. Edit: found the link in the footer in the forum, but not on the main site.

  • System issues?

    zylphryx - - General Discussions


    Are y'all experiencing system issues at he moment? All my games are showing as unavailable or no longer existing. Thanks.

  • Also have not read the full thread, but did not see this on the initial post. Could we please get the province list to display as a generic alphabetical sort when you go to trade a province? As it stands right now, it appears to be grouped alphabetically by original country (though there is no indication of which country any given province had belonged to in the list). In the 100 player map especially, finding a specific province in the list is a freaking nightmare if you hold a fair amount of t…

  • Ideally, I would love to see 5 as the vote target for the 100 person matches as well. It makes for a decent alliance size on such a large map.

  • Oh man, that's going to be rough. Thanks for the response though.

  • Food problem or no food problem, still does not answer the original question of what the final player cap is to vote to end on a 100 player map.

  • Another limit question. In the regular games, there is a cap of 5 (IIRC) for territory transfers over the course of the game. has this limit been raised for the 100 person games or is the limit still the same?

  • So in the regular games, once it gets down to three active players, you have the option to vote to end the game. In the 100 player games has this number been raised or is it still the last three active players?

  • Ghost soldiers

    zylphryx - - Bug Reports and Issues


    Yep, currently have 8 light tanks being held up in Satu Mare from joining the actual fight by the spectral remains of an armor column that is forever cursed to march toward Debrecen without ever reaching their destination ... and waylaying the living with their eternal march (game 1209673).