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  • The Summit Group

    Admiral Lynn - - Alliance Introductions


    The Summit Group is composed of working adults who love history, team work, and strategy. We know that life happens but we also believe if you commit to a game you should complete it for the team. Discussions are welcome egos are not. This game is meant to be an escape not to substitute real life, so have fun with us! Break the rules and feel my boot...well you all know the rest.

  • The Summit Group

    Admiral Lynn - - Recruitment Centre


    I have started a Coalition for working adults who love history and team work. No room for egos just fun. If you like that afore mentioned statement "The Summit Group" is for you.

  • I was thinking about "Cooler" names and then just decided that the people we want in our group are more looking for fun structure. I don't know if that makes sense or not but I guess I'll start the experiment and we shall see. I have always seen games such as "Call of War" as a way to meet people that have similar mindsets and interests. However it seems to be more difficult to find these people.

  • So I think we need to create an Alliance which focuses on working adults with an interest in history and military strategy. "The Summit Group"- An alliance which focuses on working adults, with a flare for history and a desire to work together as a team without ego for a common goal to have fun and kick butt. Sound good to everyone?

  • That is really disappointing, you would think that at least part of the draw would be the historic nature of these events. I did however have to get my head around one of the games I took part in when Germany, France, and Great Britain became a major alliance.

  • I love history and I love strategy. I also like to work with fun loving yet serious generals who are interested in team play. This game is a blast for me to play but I get dumb "looks" when I contact people about strategic goals and tactical plans. Anyway please let me know, I am seriously tired of playing alone.