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  • WW2 RP

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    hook me up for any open slots, here a sample i used recently for a sample on supremacy, it's in a different time period but i can assure you i have no problem with wwii writing. Crown Prince Frederick Haakon Marches to Stockholm 17/05/1802 News from Christiania have spread far and wide. A bloodbath. A massacre. A War in the making... -------------------------- Crown Prince Frederick Haakon sends a letter of demands to King Adolf of Sweden, his cousin and brother in law. Ordering for the restorat…

  • Hungary

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    Outrageous!!!!!!!!! And they annexed the Vatican to Italy!!! I'm leaving this game.

  • I still don't think it's necessary the first nuclear reactor used to generate electricity to power homes, lights shinning on statues of Stalin or factories was built it the Soviet Union in 1954. Try to put that into game time it could fit into when you can build lv 5 reactors. A that stage you have the questions: What is the point in a +5% increase? and Why not a +5% increase? and then Is it even worth answering those questions?

  • It would be a nice feature to have your bombers, fights etc to be able to add a patrol destination or two, allowing them to get more done for when you come back. I am not sure wheaten they should move directly from one spot to spot or wait some time at each spot, the devs can work that out if they would kindly implement it. Also a hit anything you see command, when when, say, your tactical bombers are on these patrols from one place to another or just at one place, if they come across a ground u…

  • Please don't tell me we all didn't just use are gold form the start to noob spam are way to A-Bombs and then drop them on a player that was half way inactive already. I have never seen the problem with gold, i never had the chance to come across a major gm (ab)user in supremacy or this game (yet). But i can see the semi moral issue if you can call it that. Gold is Unfair, at least for the poor and stupid. The solution reduce gold for map features and advanced orders and throw up some ads, i don'…

  • They wen't used for civilian purposes until the 1950-60s i believe. So adding a production bonus would be inaccurate and especially when they are only meant for military, development, research things in this game.