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  • There is not a way to select which games give you alerts. You can switch all notifications off in your account settings, Or at least the most common ones for a period of time.

  • Rockets are easily beaten by other rockets. Think of it as a mutually assured destruction scenario. With the high cost of steel and rare materials needed rockets aren’t cheap to use in great quantities. They are remarkably effective in a few situations, but they are by no means a guarantee of victory.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “ran across the actual lake itself ” Oh an ice road, interesting. Always more to learn. I agree that two examples still don't make it a common enough practice to include in the game.

  • The Resource Issue

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    Quote from freezy: “it can't be broken completely. ” Right, It seems that the frequency is less, but there are still rebellions. I wonder if there was a bug that increased the chance or frequency of rebellions that got accidentally fixed?

  • I am 75% sure that the economic ranking is based on production and is not adjusted for consumption. You can add up the numbers on the next day that you get the economic score. Your basic daily production of each resource added together should be the total that is listed in the newspaper.

  • Thanks for your report. This is already on the list of bugs to be tackled, although as it is a minor display issue and has no bearing on gameplay the priority is quite low.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “What about the road to Ladoga lake to resupply Leningrad? ” That didn't come up in my search. The internet may be biased towards American achievements

  • Nothing is rebelling

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    Quote from Ulf el negro: “Reported it twice, and no answer ” It looks to me like your earlier report was answered. Check the email you have associated with your account as there is likely a message there. Quote from Ulf el negro: “not a single uprising, not a single one in the newspaper. ” Rebellions are never a guaranteed thing. I played an experimental game with some friends once and one player tried to force a rebellion for several hundred days with no results.

  • There are many changes being experimented with in events that are called "Cow 1.5" This is a series of events testing future concepts for game design and development that will likely be incorporated into a major overhaul of the game at some point in the future. Take a look at the news section of the forum and start reading if you want to know more about it. The 1.5e2 starts this weekend, although mainstream games will still be available at the same time.

  • Call of War 1.5

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    Quote from THEARBITER117: “will you allow us to create our own game for 1.5 ” I expect not, because of the way this is designed. 1.5e2 is a special event with all games starting this weekend, and the games are timed. This allows everyone to experience the game at the same time, and everyone can give feedback during the next several weeks. After the time limited games end and feedback is submitted the developers can make adjustments based on the feedback in a controlled way. I am sure there will …

  • Quote from suntso: “C) On the unit info panel, is the Current Production time always the same for a specific unit & level? ” Yes, but the build time is dependent on the buildings present in the province. Quote from suntso: “Also, it looks like HP are always the same for each specific unit for all levels. ” In general armor class units will have their hit points cut in half in cities. Strength will also vary with terrain. Quote from suntso: “A) Do build costs and support costs always remain the s…

  • During WW2 the only example I have found of an army actually creating a road through the jungle was the Ledo road from India to China. Other than that battles were primarily fought along existing roads. Until the widespread use of GPS it wasn't possible to navigate reliably without following roads. So the idea of creating a secret road so that you can bypass your enemies defenses simply wasn't a tactic used during WW2, so I don't see why it should be added to this game.

  • Quote from Vlanchavic: “I understand the economic sabotage gives the province a morale penalty. So I’ve been putting them in provinces with no resources that has low morale hoping it will lead to a rebellion. is this a good strategy to try and gain land without war? ” That might work given enough time. This will definitely be a slow process. in my opinion.

  • Nuclear waste

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    There are many many types and sizes of atomic weapons that have been developed. The majority of the damage is done by the shock wave which is both a physical and thermal force in my simplified explanation. The radiation does make the localized area uninhabitable for 6 to 18 months, which corresponds to the 3 game days of severely depressed province morale and subsequent minimal economic output. Also an atomic blast would not permanently destroy hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. The eff…

  • Quote from Aurium79: “How often does this happen? ” Rarely. Quote from Aurium79: “Can you do something ” It is not possible to edit your stats manually Quote from Aurium79: “lost out on some gold rewards ” You still have the chance to earn these rewards when the achievements are completed.

  • Quote from suntso: “I place units on production provinces to give them a morale bump. ” While having units at the province center can suppress a rebellion, this does not improve the morale of the province. If the rebellion is successful the units will be seized or converted during the rebellion and will belong to the new owner. Quote from suntso: “but I got no notifications ” Rebellions do not generate a notification. There will be an article in the newspaper. Most of the time when people do not…

  • Repair and heal

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    Units already have a natural rate of healing. 15% of the damaged portion is replenished at day change when your unit is on a province you own. This means that a unit missing 10 hit points will gain 1.5 hit points.

  • The research menu on desktop operates as a "grab and drag" type of motion. So simply click and hold in one place and move your mouse around to drag additional parts of the menu into view.

  • pls answer me

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    History doesn't always have to make sense. With the historical map an effort was made to simulate the strength and composition of the various nations in 1939. Multiple historical articles and texts describe the Russian army as being large but poorly equipped, largely having weapons left over from WW1 still in active service. In terms of economic output, The UK, Germany, and Russia were all comparably equal prior to the war, while the United States had an economy as large as all 3 added together.…

  • It isn't that 88% is a magic number as I have gotten row with lower popularity than that. My point was if you can improve your reputation with them you have a higher chance of getting row faster.