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  • The chance of rebellion is simply a chance, not a guarantee of rebellion. As noted, this issue is under investigation.

  • I can't enter the game

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    I assume that you filled out the support form to request assistance, this will be replied to. Since I don't find anyone with your username in the system I can't help you much.

  • That is one of their described jobs, so yes. Intelligence spies have many other possible tasks.

  • Now that you have spent several days hashing this out, today's update will bring changes to the fire control settings. I am just going to close this thread as it will be outdated in just a few hours.

  • Trains are not a producible unit because of the way the game works. You don't need to move materials or supplies around, and with higher level infrastructure units automatically move faster based on the assumption that trains are involved. These fundamental concepts do not require manipulation by the user for the game experience.

  • Units disappeared

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    Quote from McDeadcat: “I've lost two RRGs! ” Send in a bug report from the lower right corner of your game and we can possibly locate your missing units.

  • When all of these features are switched on they work together extremely well. Giving a move order with Aggressive fire enabled will cause any units with that order to ignore the move order and bombard any enemy units within range. This will cause the movement to halt until any encountered enemies are defeated, and then the movement order will continue. Adding a delay will keep your unit in the starting position for the length of the delay before beginning the move order. With aggressive fire ena…

  • Call of war terrain

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    The time period of this game is set as WW2. In that time period there were already quite a few roads and bridges existing in the world. it is not like needing to cut a path through a jungle everywhere you want to go, and build a bridge as you go along. Bridge construction under fire wouldn't be very much fun, so the advance of troops would be planned to follow existing roads and bridges.

  • From the looks of the city focus and resource shift I believe that the maps for 1.5 will all have to be redesigned, and thus the special events will need to be re-imagined as well.

  • Quote from rixterrich: “miniclip desktop version ” This would be a browser cookie issue. Your preference for mobile mode is now stored as a cookie within your web browser. To revert please follow the following steps: 1) Close any tabs for Call of War. 2) In your browser settings, clear cache and delete cookies relating to 3) Close and restart your browser. 4) Visit and log in again using the arrow in the upper right corner. You will find that desktop mode is the defau…

  • In that case send a bug report/general question from the menu in the lower right corner describing that you received this message.

  • Reading this thread without a sarcasm filter would also be a rookie mistake.

  • No need to worry about it really. With my 1.5 games I was able to achieve 9 days of up time without a restart.

  • Nukes

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    Keep in mind that atomic bombers are fragile and are easily shot down by sufficient air defenses in the target zone. If the air defenses overwhelm the bomber there will be no detonation.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Yes, click on the flag in the upper right and select the language as "German". Should be done for the game itself and the forum separately. ” Also you will have to start a new game in the language you select, as each map is tied to the language server that you started the game on.

  • Tactics that I use

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    Quote from Ryan04px2025: “In 2019, I never saw anyone move threads ” There is always a balance between desire and available time.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “RoW isn't always an option, especially with AI's (they NEVER seem to agree anymore since they are "elite") ” They do not have to agree. Your relation with them is the one that matters because that instructs your units on how to view them. By giving Right of way to them, you give them permission to exist within your range.

  • Quote from General Skeet: “They decrease morale ” Economic sabotage spies do this, either for cash or gold. Quote from General Skeet: “The closer a province is to its country's capital, the harder it is for rebels to overtake them ” Naturally the positive morale effects of a capital already do this.

  • There are many choices to make when designing maps. Names, flags, and border are not always specific to one exact day in history or one specific language.

  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “how much chance does Oman have to rule the world? ” These historical maps offer every opportunity to rule the world if your diplomacy skills are up to the task. Quote from Nova: “unless you get a big country starting out, there is no point to playing these games ” There are plenty of maps that offer equal opportunities to all players at the start. Those maps marked historical such as the 25 player world and the 73 player all in event are not intended to be fair, balanc…