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  • Put some artillery and naval bombers on the coast for defence. Naval bombers can see subs, while artillery deals lots of damage to any troop that comes near. Looking at what you said, it would seem that you don't really have many troops to spare. Do you have tac bombers? They are the best at destroying land troops, in addition to arti. Like what others said earlier, the game is about attacking, and you eventually need to cross over and invade some country.

  • The deep strategy and realism. I really like how since it's a slow game, you don't have to login much but at the same time forcing you to login at least every day. There are many ways to play such a game, and often friendships are formed in alliances. I have been in the game for a couple of years, and I've never been bored by it.

  • Supposedly, if you have been at war with that said AI before you went inactive, the war should've continued on even when you've become inactive.

  • I don't think that'll be very practical. Taking into account the embark and disembark times, it would be highly inconvenient to have a small lake in the middle of two provinces. Take the great lakes of North America, for example. No one really invests in that area because no one would pass by that area. It's a cool geographic feature, but it's pretty impractical to the scale of warfare that we're looking at.

  • Quote from Teburu: “addition to my last post: i think 1.5 has the wrong approach to balancing rockets keeping their damage the same (or roughly the same? will have to check for detail) as in 1.0 while other units have massive changes to HP/Dmgoutput (at least in theory) that will make rockets lategame fairly useless as even a max lvl rocket will take 2 hits to kill a max lvl inf (again: will check later for detailed numbers) .... seems a bit too extreme to me as of right now so now a bit closer …

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  • Quote from K.Rokossovski: “Yeah, modding the game would be great. I fondly remember playing all those weird civ-IV mods, designed by people all over the world, turning it into a space opera, a dungeon adventure, a post-apocalypse world, a computer industry simulator, and so much more... there were some I played literally dozens of times. Really sad that a subject like this cannot even be discussed. ” I have no experience in a modded game. What are the details regarding it? I know it's off topic …

  • Quote from Devious Rancor: “After all, who wouldn't like to start a match where everybody has 10,000 Rockets and 50,000 Militia as targets. ” I like this.

  • Well the 10p Road to War is definitely a good option as the Soviet Union is united and the countries are pretty solid, but if you have a good amount of active players, the 25p Historical Map is definitely the best. The countries' military are generally similar to the time of 1939 (except I think Germany is too strong), they have a full world map, and there are more players = more involvement. If you have lots of players to RP together, then 25p is the best choice. If only 2 or 3 players, then 10…

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “level 3 armored car ability to reveal stealth units is quite powerful. ” Wait a second what? You mean ACs can see subs? In my interpretation, naval bombers have almost no use now as they're more expensive than ACs and you can kill naval forces with naval forces.

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    Quote from Ryan04px2025: “No it is not fixed. Try not to vote twice though ” Then Bytro PLEASE FIX for a better representation of the community's opinion!

  • You counter rocket with rocket.

  • Quote from Chimere: “Armored car see further than any other land unit in the game. I like to mix 1 or 2 up with stacks early games, to capture spots ahead of time and to scout around me. Of course, late game, planes are better for that, but that's the problem with planes, not with AC. They are also seriously buffed in 1.5 ” In fact, ACs have the biggest scout range of all troops, land, sea, or air. I use them as either scouts or just to exploit enemy gaps. On the rare occasion an enemy breaks th…

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    I've only played Endgame 1944, and it's a pretty fun experience if all players are active. It's pretty challenging too as there's a lot of diplomacy involved. However, since Tournament Island was a gold-only game (you have to pay 5k gold to create and play that game back then), and I haven't played it, I'm quite interested and curious. I voted for Tournament Island. Also, on multiple votes, could Bytro change it so you can only vote once? Or is it already fixed?

  • Quote from VorlonFCW: “You can switch to a different language server by changing the flag in the upper right corner of your homepage. Aside from the English server the two strongest servers are the Polish and Russian servers in my experience. ” In America, you fight the battle. In Russia, the battle fights you! I'm gonna try these servers once I completed my games.

  • I haven't been in any other CoW server other than the English one, but for those who has been to at least two servers, which server had the best players? Which one had the most active players? I'm guessing the German server, but I may be wrong. I'm pretty sure CoW has several servers due to language barriers (if I'm wrong, then there's no point for this thread), and I'm just curious about the differences between different servers.

  • Besiege them, like Vorlon said, with RRGs, or if you don't have those, arti. Put some melee units in front of the arti to protect it. This way, you force the enemy to either be stuck in their position and slowly be killed off or coming out and risk quick annihilation. Quote from EZ Dolittle: “Patience ” Very true. Never rush in a level 5 fort with just melee units. However, the enemy may have built that fort as a means of stalling, so don't overdo the troops, especially when you got the enemy co…

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    Quote from Michael Myres: “i'm also gonna add that the USA were the most racist nation at the the time going up to the 60's 70's and 80's. ” Not exactly the most racist as that would be quite extreme, but I would agree for the US being one of the most racist nations. Anyway, I'm gonna close the thread (unofficially as I don't really know how to close) as my problem has been solved. Thank you all again for the advice given!

  • Quote from Ryan04px2025: “Yes, it cannot be reused, hard to produce. So I never produced it. ” I produced one para when it first came out. I wanted to kill it afterwards, but never got the chance.

  • I would like more small scenario maps like the mediterranean map. A suggestion could be the pacific islands where navy is the single most important aspect of the game. I felt that pacific conquest was supposed to do that, but I'm not really sure.