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  • Can you trade provinces with an AI controlled country or an inactive players country?

  • Thanks. I appreciate the invite. I like the idea of being in something from the start and having a part in its foundation. Its not easy to get people to want to join something unless its already established though. Have fun man. Thats all its really about in the end

  • Dawn Of A Dynasty

    26Savage - - Alliance Introductions


    Every dynasty starts with a core of smart and driven people and I need 2 more to complete that core. Get in on the ground floor of something special and have the chance to carry the credit of building this dynasty. Only active players, US time zone, willing to play as a team and not a lone wolf in a pride of lions. To make this an introduction and not just a recruitment thread, I would like to introduce "THE STEEL CURTAIN OF USA". No need to remember the name now. You will see it again as we bli…

  • You are probably not looking to help build an alliance from the ground up but sometimes its better to be a big fish in a small pond. We are active and want to start hitting the alliance challenges as soon as possible. It would be an honor for you to join. Thank you. SCUSA

  • I need two more active and loyal players that live in US time zone to come join and start winning some alliance challenges. If you want to think of us as that girl in highschool that you only dated bc you were curious what she looked like without clothes, do it. Unlinke "Double D's Debbie", you want find us stuffing our bra. We will be active, loyal, help one another, and we will win. Disclaimer: We do not offer boobs or high school girls. If we did then I probably wouldnt have to joke about the…

  • Hey man. There is only 3 of us so far but we are active, US time Zone, know how to play and want to start some alliance challenges asap. We would like to have you. If youre interested in giving it a try, come join and lets see what we can do. Let me know.

  • Hi, we are on the same page with what we want. Join me and lets get a few more like us and we can challenge an alliance soon as possible. If you are already in one then good luck and have fun. If not, let me know what you think?

  • I dont have enough active members yet. If you want to when i do then sure. how many do you have? and we are new to the alliance challenge. Has your alliance had many challenges?

  • We are a new alliance with the hopes to grow into a group of strong, knowledgeable players that help all members reach their full potential in the strategies and game play of Call of War. Come join The Steel Curtain of USA and get in on the ground floor of a dynasty alliance. US timezone…b1eb400850d879f29a629dd8a