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  • refueling planes will group if they are idle. just split them before you send them where you want them. airplanes will not regroup in the air

  • Hello, I don't think you or your people are stupid. The game has several mechanics which can cause strange things to happen. So, we were all interested in finding the answer. I appreciate that you took the time to let us know what happened.

  • that is definitely the peace period thing. as described above, this is intended behavior

  • Hi Thank you for these details.At this point I would suggest sending a bug report from that game. give as much detailed info as possible. I will make sure that I personally look into the matter for you. BTW, as the Japanese language servers Main Administrator, Im unsure of what you mean by Japanese Players League, as there is no sponsored event for the server that I am aware of. If you folks are using other servers to communicate, it might be good idea for you folks to post and talk here in the …

  • Hello There is another possibility as well. During peace periods, it is sometimes possible to accidentally enter into a situation where 2 players may find themselves in a combat situation. The most common one is when 2 active players are going for the same AI province, and the AI is defeated and the 2 players are close enough where they would normally enter combat. In this case, because they are not allowed to attack during the peace period, the attacker will be "teleported" back to the nearest …


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    We all have our different roles. Im glad you guys appreciate our awesome staff.

  • Yes, all the spam was removed. fun fact, non english is fine on forum, as long as it doesnt break any other rules. we do have other language forums available, though, and those folks are directed to that forum. however, not every language is represented, so its okay if someone wants to post in non english on english forum.


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    oooo nice. by mod do you mean moderator, or any staff member? because all of us "mod" chat and forum at some time or another

  • almost every unit has some kind of aa ability. you can see these values in the research tab, by selecting any unit, even tho you do not wish to research it at that time, and you will see a little "i" for information. click the "i". you can also click a unit on the map, and when the unit box comes up, click the unit you want info on, and it will bring up its attack and defense values against varying units, the impact of terrain on its values, its condition, and more. If there was just one thing I…

  • no, your planes will not take damage from JUST patrolling. however, as everyone said, if an enemy is there you will take damage. you also run the risk of a ground unit taking the airbase from which you are patrolling. fun fact, if you are patrolling from your own airbase (not an allies, one that you own yourself), your patrolling planes will actually heal 15 percent of their LOST damage at day change. even if in combat

  • If you are banned from chat for your username, it is best to reply to the mail you were sent, or send in a ticket as Vorlon directed. If you change your own name in the settings menu, staff will not be aware of the change and you will not be unbanned from chat.

  • when you reach level 100 the wonder weapon tab opens up for you, so you can build "The Bell", the super tiger tank, clockwork soldiers, powered assault armor, laser weapons, stealth fighter-bombers, plasma cannons, quantum displacement devices (as per the philadelphia experiment), and force fields.

  • just so everyone is aware, we already have railways in cow. level 3 infrastructure is railroads, and level 2 and 3 infrastructure increase movement rates.

  • You know, I never introduced myself. Call me Storm, or Stormy Ive been a member of the EN staff for almost 2 years now, and most of that time I have been your senior moderator. That means that I train and guide the moderators in chat and forum. It is also part of my role to interpret and enforce the terms of service we all agreed to when we made our accounts. I originally took a staff position because I wanted to see "the rules" enforced in a more consistent and fair manner. I sincerely hope tha…

  • Yet another paratrooper thread... I will say it again. We already have paratroops.. They are called Military Espionage spies. How else are we placing spies in cities all around the world instantly? And the military espionage spy does exactly what paratroopers did, with the exception of engaging the enemy. Lets just rename military espionage spies paratroops, and give them a small chance of damaging garrisoned units in the provs they are placed. That would give folks the paratroops they have been…

  • hey guys. rule 5 has already been made a call of war rule during the last update. so it doesnt need to be a special players league rule. As of Jan 22 - Anti betrayal measures: Players of a team or a coalition can no longer change their relation to members of other teams or coalitions to anything better than peace (e.g. shared map is not possible) If you stay on the 22 player, a coalition of larger than 3 is not possible. Again, normal call of war parameters. How the tournament runs month to mont…

  • Quote from Lukenick: “There is a major flaw though. What will keep the major leaguers from making a new account to participate with the minors? If there were 2 divisions, you need to give incentive to the majors to remain in that division ” the same thing that keeps anyone from making a second account. Section 4.3 of the ToS 4.3 Each Participant may register for and use one Account only. Registering for and using multiple accounts is strictly prohibited (so-called “multi-accounts”). Breach of th…

  • Quote from grandpooba52: “while i support this option i forsee one problem we dont have enough entries to have two games per month there would be matches with only a few players in one division and most dont want to play against AI ” this idea would be supported by making a news release on the main page, "advertising" the new leagues, and i feel that the option itself would draw many new players. Most players feel intimidated by the "pros" that play the league regularly, and many players are put…

  • I think you guys are starting to think in the right direction. Another thought was to have the player league split into 2 divisions, a minor league for players level 40 and under, and the major league for players level 41 and above. Both leagues would have equal rewards. This would allow new players in the PL to have a chanve to learn without getting destroyed by the veterans, and would not punish the vets for being good. Add in the only rule is no gold use, and the only thing you have to iron o…